Game of Thrones Movie Could Be Possible, Says Jon Snow

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Game of Thrones

Jon Snow does not know nothing, it seems, as the actor who plays the character says that a Game of Thrones movie could be possible after all. There have been many questioning this as a way to round up all the storylines right at the end. It would not be the first TV show to use a movie to wrap things up, whether on the big or little screen.

Kit Harington sat down with IGN to discuss his new spy movie Spooks: The Greater Good, but things quickly turned to a conversation about Game of Thrones. While he would not say if a movie would ever happen, he said that he thought it really was entirely possible. IMAX theaters already showed the final two episodes of season four during the summer, and the setting proved to be very successful.

There are many who would like to see a movie at the end of Game of Thrones. Some fans believe it is the only way to go as the books get bigger and bigger. It would be very difficult to show some of the things on the small screen. Author George R.R. Martin is also in favor of a movie in the end. As the author of the series A Song of Ice and Fire, which the show is adapted from, he knows how the series is going to end and believes a movie is the only way to go.

Martin said after the season four premiere that the dragons get big. It could be necessary to show them on the big screen. However, it looks like it will not happen because HBO does not want that.

Jon Snow may say that a Game of Thrones movie could be possible, but Ygritte always said that he knew nothing. It is possible that she has been right. HBO says that it is unfair to ask show fans to pay to see a movie, considering subscribers have already paid to watch it on the cable network. People assumed that the series would finish on the network.

This was before Game of Thrones aired in the IMAX theaters during the summer. It proved popular with show fans, opening up the idea again that a movie could be used to wrap up all the storylines at the end. As the books get bigger, it certainly would make more sense to put the conclusion into a two-hour feature.

However, there is a downside to a movie. A two-hour feature means cutting out a lot of the small, seemingly needless scenes. This is why Game of Thrones has worked as a TV show. There has been the time to explore these little details; things that only make sense later into the show. For example, Ned Stark telling Jon Snow that he would talk about his mother later. That seemed to have been a bittersweet moment knowing how Ned was going to die, but it was a hint towards the fans of the series that there is something about his mother that Jon deserves to know and could change his fate. A movie may not have added that and other small parts like that in.

Jon Snow actor Harington believes that a Game of Thrones movie could be possible, but whether it will actually happen is another question. HBO producers do not seem to be so keen on the idea.

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