Supernatural Season 10 Finale Spoilers and Teases Epic Cliffhanger


The season 10 finale of Supernatural may end with an epic cliffhanger, according to recent spoilers and teases. A post on Tumblr suggests that it will be brother against brother, ending in a way that makes people want to tune in for season 11. There has not been a Supernatural finale without a cliffhanger right at the end.

According to reports, acts three, four and five are all worthy of the show coming to an end. At one point, it was suggested that season 10 would be the last for the show until the CW network decided to renew it in January for an 11th season.

The Tumblr post makes it clear that actors Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins, who play Dean, Sam and Castiel respectively, say that the finale is intense. It involves the brothers fighting, and that could be against each other. The main focus for season 10 has been about the Mark of Cain. Dean started as a demon after being killed at the end of season nine, but was quickly cured. While it was disappointing for many fans, others have been excited to find out how the Mark of Cain still affects him and whether it can be removed. There have been various twists and turns, with old favorite characters making returns.

At some point in the episode, Castiel will be covered in blood. His storyline seems to have come full circle now, after getting his grace back and being able to help Claire, his vessel’s daughter, move in with Jody and become less angry at the world (and him). It looks like he will be there to support the Winchester brothers.

An epic cliffhanger has been teased for Supernatural, as season 10 finale spoilers have been shared. One thing that has also been confirmed is that Crowley will make an appearance. Some fans worried that Mark Sheppard would not be in the episode after not being spotted in the season 10 finale cast and crew photo. It looks like he was just not available, along with Ruth Connell, who plays Crowley’s mother Rowena.

All the episodes for the show have now been filmed. At some point, the Impala will end up stuck in a ditch, which allegedly Ackles and Padalecki helped push out afterwards. The final episodes were shot out of order, though, for various reasons.

Ackles did recently tweet a photo of himself writing a note on top of one of the Impalas on the set. The props department asked for it. After the photo, hundreds of fans quickly took to social media in a panic. The last time Dean wrote a note, he had become a demon on Supernatural and was asking Sam to leave him behind. The time before that was during the season five apocalypse when he considered saying “yes” to Michael. It is understandable that fans have gotten worried over the reason behind the note.

There are just three episodes to go to the season finale. It is crunch time now for the Mark of Cain, and Supernatural spoilers and teasers have hinted towards an epic cliffhanger in the season 10 finale.

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