The Vampire Diaries Producer Julie Plec Wanted Nina Dobrev to Stay

The Vampire Diaries

Just like many fans of The Vampire Diaries, executive producer Julie Plec wanted Nina Dobrev to stay. In a recent interview, she explained that she tried to get the actress to change her mind, teasing new ideas for allowing the character to remain in Mystic Falls. However, Dobrev’s mind was set and it had nothing to do with Ian Somerhalder.

When Dobrev made the decision to leave, The Vampire Diaries were upset and angry. Some blamed Somerhalder and his new wife Nikki Reed for making the set difficult. Rumors had spread for the last year that it was difficult for the 26-year-old actress after dating her on-screen love interest previously. Others were upset that she wanted to leave the part, suggesting that the TV show could not continue without her.

By the point of audiences finding out, The Vampire Diaries had already been renewed for a seventh season. Something they were not ready to hear was that Dobrev had decided last year that she was no interested in signing on for a seventh year. Dobrev told Plec that she had done her initial six year and she wanted to spread her wings. She wanted no hard feelings from the cast and crew members, though.

While producer Plec wanted Dobrev to stay with The Vampire Diaries family, she understood why she wanted to move on. After that decision was made, it was time to find a creative and fulfilling way to write out the character in the season six finale.

Then it was time to let the fans know. The last thing Plec wanted was for fans to find out after the season six finale that Dobrev would not be returning. She wanted fans the chance to say goodbye, and decide this after Will Gardner was killed in The Good Wife. Recently, she also used Derek Shepherd’s death in Grey’s Anatomy as a reason not to make is a surprise for loyal fans. Grey’s Anatomy fans started a petition and have threatened to stop watching because of the shock death.

Plec noted that many of the fans of The Vampire Diaries are teenagers, which was another reason to give them chance to say goodbye. They tend to become more emotionally involved in characters, and she had to put herself in their shoes. She made it very clear from a fan’s point of view that they needed to know before it all happened.

Last year, fans started to panic with the season five finale of The Vampire Diaries. They were unsure whether Damon Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett were really going to die once “the other side” was destroyed completely. It looks like Plec also used that as a reason not to just suddenly take Elena Gilbert out of the mix.

Plec has not shared how Elena will be written out of the show; whether she will be killed off or allowed to just leave. However, she has said that there are no personal feelings into the story, and everything happens for the story’s sake. Plec did not let Dobrev leave The Vampire Diaries easily, and tried to get her to stay for the fans.

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