The Vampire Diaries Season Six Finale: Will Elena Die?

The Vampire Diaries

There are many theories doing the rounds about how The Vampire Diaries season six finale will play out, and one of those is that Elena Gilbert will die. Fans cannot figure out how they can really say goodbye to the character. Nine Dobrev announced officially last month that she was leaving the show, but it was a decision she had made months previously.

Show writers had two main options to remove Elena Gilbert. She could either die or leave Mystic Falls to never been seen again. The latter is a possibility, considering Jeremy Gilbert has done just that, but would that really give fans the goodbye they need. There are too many Delena and Stelena shippers out there to see Elena just up and leaving Mystic Falls.

The main option is to kill off the character, especially now that she has taken the cure. It looks like the show runners are setting up that easy possibility. With there being no more “other side” it would also mean there is no easy way to bring her back; something that The Vampire Diaries is notorious for overusing.

Kat Graham, who plays Bonnie Bennett on the show, has said that the episode is not overly sad. That would suggest that Elena is not dying after all. If she was, there would not be a dry eye watching. Graham said that she hopes people will be excited for the way things end. She wants them looking forward to the new story that they have to tell next season.

It has not quite ruled out the possibility of Elena dying in the season six finale of The Vampire Diaries. Of course, nobody is going to give a straight yes or no answer, but there are clues in some of the things that people have said.

Executive producer Caroline Dries said that the finale was emotional to plan out. However, the ending flowed naturally, and it seems to be a clearly perfect ending for the character.

It is possible that Elena could leave Mystic Falls to be with Jeremy. So far, nobody except Alaric knows what he has really gone off to do. Is it possible that Elena could find out the truth and decide to go be with her brother? After everything that she has been through and how important family is to her, that would make sense.

Another option is that she leaves Virginia and goes to college elsewhere to become a doctor. There were some rumors shortly after Dobrev announced she was leaving The Vampire Diaries that there would be a flash forward to show where Elena is five years from the point of leaving. That would certainly round things up for fans in a emotionally-lite way.

There are just two episodes left of season six. Fans will not have long to say goodbye to one of their favorite characters. So far, they know that Elena has taken the cure, and that makes her more vulnerable than ever. Is it possible that Elena will die in The Vampire Diaries season six finale?

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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