Apple Inc. New iPad Pro Information Leaked

AppleInformation about the new iPad Pro from Apple Inc. has been leaked, showing that it will be a much larger iPad. The iPad Pro’s display will have a diagonal of about 12.9 inches, in a leaked schematic obtained by that appears to show the iPad’s dimensions will be 305.7 millimeters by 222.6 millimeters and 7.2 millimeters thick. Earlier leaks had it 12.2 inches.

Pictures that were allegedly taken in December of 2014 have really gotten technology enthusiast stirred up, even though it could be just a prototype. With the leaked blueprints of the tablet being five months old some changes may have been made in that time. If the rumors are true and Apple is really working on the iPad Pro it should be packed with top of the line hardware. The iPad Air 2 released back in October was Apple’s first experience with a triple-core CPU and 2 GB of RAM in a handheld device, making it a leader in performance. The iPad Pro could possibly have the A8X processor which is 55 percent faster than the processor in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

It is not surprising that Apple would release a larger size of its iPad with sales for the tablet falling quickly from 19.5 million units two years ago to just 12.5 million sold in the first quarter of this year. Apple has seen competition from Samsung with the Galaxy Pro 12.2, and is likely trying to rejuvenate its tablet genre.

Leaks on the new Apple iPad Pro have a release date for the fall but this is just rumor, and as Apple is known to be secretive about information regarding their upcoming products tech fans will have to wait and see. Expert Reviews has discussed the conflicting launch dates, noting how in 2014 Bloomberg  said the iPad Pro would be launched in the first quarter of 2015, obviously they were incorrect, Reuters said it will be launched in September. Mac World U.K on the other hand doesn’t think the iPad Pro will be launched this year. They are hopping to be proven wrong, but at this time they just don’t think it is commercially sensible right now.

Cases for the new iPro have been leaked to multiple sources. Unbox Therapy Lewis Hilsenteger recently received two third-party iPro Cases, the cases match up with the dimension leaked in earlier sources. He has made a video of the two cases, comparing them to the iPad Air 2, showing how much larger the iPad Pro will be.

Sonny Dickson, who has posted pictures of other unreleased Apple products, has obtained some case for the iPad Pro. The pictures reveal some exciting details about the new tablet. It looks to be similar to the iPad Air, but will have speakers on the top and bottom of the tablet, with dual ports on the left and bottom of the tablet. It is uncertain at this time if both ports will be Lightening Ports or USB-C,

The leaked information about the Apple new iPad Pro has tech junkies all a buzz, and the rumor mill on the device is in full force, with leaks coming from reliable sources it would seem that Apple is coming out with a larger iPad, packed with some unique features.

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