‘Arrow’ Episode: “This Is Your Sword” Episode 22


May 6, Arrow will air at 8pm on the CW. Arrow stars: Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen/Arrow, Katie Cassidy as Dinah “Laurel” Lance, David Ramsey plays John Diggle, Willa Holland is Thea Queen, Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak, John Barrowman as Malcom Merlyn and Paul Blackthorne as Detective Lance. A stellar cast.

Oliver is closer to completing his transformation to Al Sah-Him. This will make him an heir to the Demon. This episode will hear wedding bells. Ra’s al Ghul wants Oliver/Al Sah-Him to marry, Nyssa, Ra’s daughter, as opposed to killing her, and then he wants Oliver to take his place as Ra’s. However, that is not all that Oliver needs to accomplish to complete his transformation, he must also destroy Starling City with the Alpha Omega virus. The virus will be used in this episode, however, the location and victims will surprise fans.

Even though Oliver seems to be going with Ra’s plan to become the leader of the League of Assassins, what is really going on is not as it seems. Also, other key players are involved. Loyalties are questioned and betrayals will be revealed. This all threatens Oliver’s future. The May 6 episode of Arrow will give a clear answer as to whether or not Oliver has been brainwashed, but you may also be left scratching your head.

After Malcom brings Team Arrow interesting information, the team spends much of the episode in discussion about going to Nanda Parbat. Once the team has a clear goal, they go to Nanda Parbat. However, once the team arrives at Nanda Parbat, they are shackled and locked up, not part of their plan.

This Arrow episode, “This Is Your Sword,” is episode 22 of season 3, this episode promises to be an epic and dark episode and lead into the May 13 season finale of Arrow.

Spoiler Alert! A.R.G.U.S. will not play a large role in this episode, however, Maseo most definitely will. The battle for Maseo’s soul between Ra’s and Tatsu will explode. Then, Tatsu and Maseo’s stories in the past and the present will be concluded. Tears will be shed for both stories.

Roy will make his final appearance in the May 6 episode of Arrow. He is in hiding and on the run. He also has serious scruff. There will be a lot of shirtless scenes of Roy.

There will be moments in this episode that will have you wondering if Oliver Queen is dead and if Al Sah-Him will last. However, redemption may not be an option for Al Sah-Him, after all that he has done, and will do in this episode of Arrow.

It is unknown in this episode if Felicity or Diggle will be able to bring Oliver back to his true self. Diggle is trying to get a handle on some anger issues this episode as well.

Surprise! Malcolm Merlyn will maintain his reputation as the worst person ever.

Nyssa’s father will make her get married and that’s not the worst of Ra’s. He will not earn father of the year.

A major DC superhero will be birthed in this episode. It will be exciting to watch this play out.

The gang will make a last ditch effort to keep Oliver Queen from conforming to the head of the League. Unfortunately, it may be too late. It appears that what Ra’s al Ghul wants, Ra’s al Ghul gets.

In the middle of all of this mess there will be the return of a character that fans thought was gone, Atom. Here are eight things to get you pumped for May 6th’s episode and the May 13th season 3 Arrow finale.

  1. The team in Starling City continues to fight crime without Roy and Oliver. Emotions are high and a member of the team does not appreciate how they have been treated by Oliver, as of late.
  2. There will be a flashback. The aftermath of the virus is still causing chaos. Maseo’s son, Akio, is fighting for his life. Shrieve has the cure to the virus, but if it will be used has yet to be revealed.
  3. Thea will visit Roy. Roy is working under an assumed name, but according to TV Fanatic, he is still beautiful
  4. Ray is creating his Atom costume. He also seems to have a plan for the future that involves Ms. Smoak, and it is possible that she may be unaware. Ray also needs to work on his landing.
  5. Malcolm might be in the best position to save Oliver from the League. Malcolm will make a comment implying that some members of the team are not good actors. This may have been difficult for John Barrowman to say with a straight face to his fellow cast members.
  6. Nyssa is not happy that she has to marry Oliver. She may have a change of heart. Nyssa may be given a choice and there may be cake! These are all only possibilities.
  7. As someone loses everything, someone else manages to get in some lovin’, in the middle of all the chaos.
  8. It is discovered that a tablet can be used for more than simply playing games.

Arrow season 3 is on the CW, Wednesdays at 8pm Central.


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