Bates Motel Ends With a Bang (and a Crack) [Spoilers]

bates motel

The hit A&E series Bates Motel just rounded off its third season, with both a bang and a crack (literally). Two key players in the series lost their lives in tonight’s episode (May 11).

Minutes before the DEA got to bad-guy Bob Paris’s house to arrest him for all his misdoings, a long-time investigation of which the final step was taken by White Pine Bay Sheriff Alex Romero in the form of a flash drive containing a ledger of millions of dollars of business misdoings and the names of those who committed them. Romero, having a final change of heart in his having cut all ties with Norma Bates due to her lies and secrets, calls Bob to inform him that he is about to be arrested and to get out immediately. He knows that the man being arrested will lead to the outing of the information that Norma’s son, Norman, was the one who killed his father and several others due to his mental issues.

Romero waits at the dock he knows Bob Paris will be fleeing from, and the conman/murderer ends up telling the Sheriff that he is just like his father even though he acts so much better and tried to pretend otherwise. Romero shoots Bob Paris several times in the throat, killing him almost instantly.

As for the crack, Norman has run away with the presumed deceased Bradley Martin, who made her reappearance in the previous episode and admitted she had faked her own suicide and ran away. Norma Louise’s son ends up hallicunating once more that he is his own mother, and smashes Bradley’s head against a rock until her skull smashes and she is dead. He then causes the car she is hidden in to go into a lake, apologizes to her on his mother’s behalf. His mother then “reappears” beside him, telling him that it was the right thing to do and that they would always be together.

By Rebecca Grace



Photo by Edwin Endstra -Creativecommons Flickr License

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