‘Beauty and the Beast’ May Start New Season With Proposal

Beauty and the Beast

Of course the beauty and the beast will end up together, or at least that is how the story usually goes. But in CW’s remake of the classic tale, the modern spin-off has viewers wondering if Vincent will propose to Catherine in the new season. As viewers have followed detective Catherine and ex-soldier Vincent through their relationship together, many have been hoping to see a proposal and now with recent statements made, it seems that the show Beauty and the Beast may actually start the new season with exactly that.

Kristen Kruek, who plays Catherine on the show, recently released the spoiler information that there would eventually be a proposal from Vincent in the show. She stated that eventually the two will be very happy together. As the two characters have already been through so much, it is sure that a wedding will only bring in more drama for them.

Since the first episode when Catherine was put on the path of the beast, viewers have always had a soft spot for Vincent’s character. It was pretty obvious from the beginning that Catherine would fall for Vincent (especially as that is the whole theme of the story Beauty and The Beast). Though just as many TV relationships experience up and several downs, it is sure that the path to happy ever after for Catherine and Vincent will not be easy.

Kruek states that the living situation for the two will likely cause problems and that defining their relationship will be a challenge later on. She stated that it becomes a primitive issue for Vincent and that she does not know if the two can ever be normal together, or even be fulfilled with that kind of life.

Viewers who have been awaiting a happy ending for the beauty and the beast, may not get such, even if Vincent and Catherine do get married. However, even in just waiting for the proposal, viewers are starting to get a bit anxious. The new season was suppose to start on May 21, 2015 but has now been moved back to June, though CW has not released the reason why.  Sources have guessed that the reason could be that CW is trying to create more episodes for the upcoming season.

Whether the beauty and the beast get their happy ever after, in the end, it is clear that the two will spend the next season in focus on their relationship. CW plans to make season four one that hones in more on the fact that the two work together as a couple, and work on their relationship. Outside of their personal problems, they are expected to join forces together to take care of certain problems. However, the network has stated that Vincent will eventually turn more toward the inner beast that was created in him, before the season is done.

Will Vincent start the new season with a proposal to Catherine in the show Beauty and the Beast? Statements reflect that he may, however this may not prove to be such a good thing for the beauty and the beast, in the end.

By Crystal Boulware


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