Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Divorce Over Gambling, Cheating Claims?

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Ben Affleck has hired divorce attorneys following claims he is set to divorce Jennifer Garner before their upcoming wedding anniversary in June. According to reports, the Oscar award-winning actor has been unhappy in his marriage for the longest time, having supposedly used his gambling addiction as a way to escape the drama surrounding his relationship to Garner.

Still, Affleck and Garner have been arguing so much, that they have both gotten to the point where they know that separating is the best way to move forward, a source revealed. According to RadarOnline, the Argo star is readying up for a public statement, confirming that the couple has split but is holding out for Garner’s approval before doing so. He has several attorneys ready to proceed in the couple’s divorce as their $150 million combined net worth is said to be at stake.

The two, who have been married for ten years, have done nothing but argue in recent months, a source close to Affleck stated. While Garner has been busy filming her latest film, Nine Lives, Affleck is alleged to have spent several days in Vegas where he began gambling again. Just last year, reports claimed that Garner was unhappy with her husband’s gambling addiction, having made him an alleged ultimatum that had the actor locked between two choices; he was either going to stop splashing thousands of dollars in gambling or his family would walk out on him.


The 43-year-old was said to have been very vocal about Affleck’s gambling addiction, having felt that the money her partner was spending every other night was out of control. Nonetheless, insiders stress that Affleck’s addiction is only part of the reason why the couple are finally reaching their limit and want a divorce. “No one is surprised [he is talking to attorneys]. They are more surprised they lasted this long,” a source said, revealing how close pals have reacted to the news.

Both Hollywood stars have been extremely unhappy being with one another. A source further reveals that had it not been for Garner’s third pregnancy with three-year-old son Samuel, they would have already separated and filed for divorce back in 2011. Affleck is known to have spent more time working on blockbuster movies, than being at home with the kids and his wife, which was said to have been a major factor as to why Garner became infuriated with the 42-year-old. It seemingly gave her the impression that work came first while the family came second.

It was also noted that while Affleck would continue his Hollywood career, Garner had dedicated her own life to fully motherhood, opting to stay at home and raise her three children. The Butter actress is not surprised that with the couple’s divorce proceeding, her soon-to-be ex-husband is still working, as he shoots scenes for the forthcoming Suicide Squad movie. Along with the gambling addiction, Garner has grown tired of feeling like she and her kids are put behind duties.

During the filming stages for Affleck’s hit film Gone Girl, the 42-year-old was rumored to have fallen for his co-star Emily Ratajkowski, whom he shared a nude scene with. Garner was said to have been ‘extremely jealous’ for the fact that her husband had supposedly chosen the actress himself, leading her to believe the two shared more than just an on-screen romance.

Multiple sources allege that gambling, cheating, and work duties are solely to blame for the couple’s divorce. Affleck has asked for Garner’s approval in releasing a joint statement of their separation prior to their upcoming tenth wedding anniversary, seeing that they have both accepted their split and want to go their own ways. 

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