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X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Update


X-MenAlthough it is a year before the conclusion of Bryan Singer’s X-Men third installment hits theaters, the talented director has made sure to keep all fans updated with the flick’s latest developments. Singer has consistently dropped little Easter Eggs and promo footage from the set every chance he gets via Instagram. Though there is so much to take in from a variety of sites and speculations, here is the round-up of what fans know so far about Fox’s next year blockbuster.

As far as characters go, the majority of the previous two X-Men films’ cast is returning. Academy Award winning actress Jennifer Lawrence returns as the blue scaled, shapeshifting mutant Mystique. Nicholas Hoult returns as the fuzzy, ferocious mutant Beast. Rose Byrne will make her return as the CIA agent Moira McTaggert. The wise-cracking, breakout star of Days of Future’s Past Quicksilver, played by Evan Peters, is set to return. Considering Quicksilver’s death in Avengers: Age of Ultron, it seems that writer Simon Kinberg will have a little bit more leniency in the character’s development. Lucas Till returns to the big screen as Alex Summers aka Havok. James McAvoy reprises his role as X-Men‘s iconic Professor X. McAvoy will even sport a new bald hairdo this go around, as confirmed by multiple Instagram photos. Michael Fassbender returns as the troubled and powerful Magneto, although whose side he will fight for is yet to be determined. Patrick Stewart also mentioned that Sir Ian Mckellan should be reprising his role as Magneto, but full confirmation from Fox has yet to be released.


Considering that this is the third installment in the franchise, majority of the recurring actors and actresses have already mentioned that this is their last time adorning the mantle of the iconic heroes for Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Lawrence and Hoult have already confirmed that they will not be returning to the X-Men universe, minus a cameo or two if the series continues. Fassbender has not confirmed his return as the younger Magneto, but his three movie deal contract with Fox is up after this last installment. The departure of many of the actors from this franchise only make way for new faces to portray the classic mutants and steal the hearts of fans’ all over.

For the new cast of young X-Men are a mix of amateur and well-known actors. Sophia Turner, most recognized for her portrayal of Sansa Stark on the hit HBO series Game of Thrones, will take on the coveted role as a young Jean Grey. Kodi Smit-McPhee (Let Me In, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) will play fan favorite’s blue mutant Nightcrawler. Tye Sheridan (Last Man Standing, Mud) will portray a young X-Men leader Scott Summers aka Cyclops. Magic Mike star Channing Tatum is rumored to be making a cameo as the card-slinging, southern mutant Gambit. Considering that Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine has been in all the X-Men films to date, it would be no surprise to see him steal the show in this coming film.

Hollywood newcomer Lana Condor is set to make her first big screen debut as the firework spewing mutant Jubilation Lee aka Jubilee. Alexandra Shipp (Drumline: A New Beat, Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B) will take on Halle Berry’s role and play a young Storm. Instagram photos of Shipp covering her hair may also allude to the hair color change of the signature white. Olivia Munn (Newsroom, Magic Mike, Attack of the Show) is also signed on to play the fan-favorite psychic ninja Psylocke. It already has been confirmed that she will undergo the signature purple hair dye-job.

As most fans already know, Oscar Isaac will be playing the big-bad of X-Men: Age of Apocalypse. Already confirmed by Fox and several interviews, the Star War’s actor has mentioned his excitement for the upcoming role. In the comics, Apocalypse is one of the X-Men‘s most powerful and oldest foes. Not just for his array of mutant abilities but also his ever-changing roster of henchmen appropriately titled The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse.

X-MenLittle is known as to who will make up the four, but a CGI rendering has already been released of Archangel sporting his infamous metal wings. Actor Ben Hardy (East Enders) is already confirmed to be playing the mutant Warren Worthing III/Angel. The mutant-tracking morlock Caliban, infamously the Horseman of Death in the comics, has also been confirmed to appear in the film. No actor has been revealed to be linked to the role just yet.

Considering that this is the last film that Singer is set to direct, moviegoers can only hope that X-Men: Apocalypse will be just as entertaining and plot driven as his previous installments with less focus on Mystique’s inner struggles. More news is set to come before the May 27th, 2016 release date, but it is certain that more mutants will be making a cameo in the upcoming film.

By Tyler Cole


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