George Pataki Ready for the Battle to Presidency


George Pataki, the former New York governor has mounted his sword (not really) and is prepared to battle for the 2016 United States presidency. His campaign was officially set to go Thursday morning with an inspiring video where he states, “it is time to stand up, protect our freedom and take back this country.”

Powerful words from a Republican with a more moderate ideology. He definitely does not fail to show the love he has for America. Another kicker in his campaign is knocking down Hillary Clinton(without specifically naming her) and the Democratic party by pointing out the falsehood in their claims to be representative of the middle class. Pataki states that he will truly be a party of the middle class.

On his stance regarding foreign issues, he is all in favor of sending troops. The attempts at making peaceful negotiations are futile. He believes that ISIS should be wiped out by calling in ground troops to destroy all facilities associated with them and leaving immediately. A stronger national security is a priority for Pataki’s battle to presidency.

He supports efforts to curb greenhouse emissions. His approach to dealing with the issue is quite different than President Obama’s. Instead of imposing federal mandates to try and tackle global warming, he is in favor of allowing the private sector to step in. What? Rejoice, capitalists! A man who believes entrepreneurs can step up to the plate to solve the environmental issues. This candidate will most likely be a popular person among moderate Republicans and Libertarians.

Although Republicans have the reputation of being against immigration, Pataki is in favor of it. Him being a product of immigrants, hasn’t forgotten that immigration is what has built America and caused it to flourish. He doesn’t believe in the notion that everyone coming into the nation has an ulterior motive to harm, but to participate in the American dream of a better life. He does call for a securing of the borders, but doesn’t claim anti-immigration. Pataki does however, support offering an opportunity to illegals for a fair chance at becoming citizens because it is senseless to send back over 11 million people.

His stance on the two hot social issues (same-sex marriage and abortion) are a factor that will make him stand out among fellow conservative Republicans. He has expressed his beliefs that Republicans shouldn’t be focusing on those topics especially since it has caused them a loss in popularity among the younger generation. He even referred to them as distractions and that these issues should be left up to the states’ decision.

Pataki has definitely shown to be a candidate who is truly for the people. He believes the power of the federal government has grown too large and is a direct violation of what the Founding Fathers had believed. He seeks to place a ban Congress members from lobbying and “shrink the size of the federal work force, starting with bureaucrats overseeing Obamacare, and fire every corrupt IRS employee abusing government power to discriminate on the basis of politics or religion.”

His optimism on the future of America is very contagious – this man just oozes charisma. His campaign video reiterates the fact that he seeks to re-ignite the American spirit inside each citizen. He believes that it is most certainly possible to bring back the work ethic and innovation that has caused America to stand out amongst other countries. George Pataki will be a favorite among patriotic people and has proven to stand out among most Republicans. His stances on the main issues have shown that he is well equipped and ready for the battle to presidency in 2016.

By Frank Grados


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Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore’s Flickr Page

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