Bernie Sanders Represents Middle Class, Hard-Working Americans

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders will be the voice of middle class, hard-working Americans, if his bid to become the next President of the United States is successful. Although the longest-serving independent member of Congress in American history, Senator Sanders believes his best chance of winning lies with being a Democratic nominee. He has been portrayed as a true advocate for struggling families in America by many media outlets and is well-known for his long speech on the floor of the Senate when he passionately spoke up against the overly generous treatment of the wealthy to the detriment of the poor in the United States.

He has been vocal in his disgust with the widening gap between rich and poor Americans. Millions of middle class, hard-working Americans have lost their health insurance and pensions, due to what he believes has been the collapse of the middle class as income for families are on the decline. “Nobody who works a 40-hour week should have to live in poverty,” he said.

It is Sanders’s belief that middle class, hard-working Americans would be better off with a tax system that focusses on the ability of people to pay tax. This would result in the country’s biggest earners paying more tax, alleviating the pressure on middle class workers. Sanders does not understand why big businesses get away with paying no federal income taxes when there is a massive inequality of income and wealth in society. Profitable Wall Street banks and corporations are avoiding paying taxes by sheltering their profits in the Cayman Islands and other similar places. In his efforts to rebuild the middle class in America, Sanders famously spoke on the Senate floor for nearly eight hours in late 2010, vigorously opposing tax cuts for the country’s financial elite. He believes the wealthy has been treated extremely well to the detriment of the middle class.

Trade is another sore point for the Presidency nominee. Sanders has been quoted as saying that the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement will be just another catastrophic trade agreement, which will result in millions of good paying jobs going offshore to low-wage countries like China. This, in turn, would bring even more burden to the already struggling, middle class, hard-working Americans.

It is this same economic mindset that he will reportedly bring to his campaign to become the next President of the United States. Unlike his counterpart in Hillary Clinton, Sanders cannot and will not pay for a lavish election campaign. He is likely to spend millions of dollars campaigning whereas Clinton, with her ties to Wall Street and her own personal wealth, is expected to have a budget of at least $1 billion, maybe even a couple of billion dollars. The lack of funds though can be seen as the biggest issue that the Democratic nominee may face during his presidential campaign. Sanders has acknowledged this, but hoped the smaller election budget will resonate with America’s middle class, hard-working citizens as he fights vigorously to be their voice in government.

By Rebecca Brown

Bernie Sanders
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  1. Ron Turton   May 5, 2015 at 2:17 am

    Great coverage Rebecca Brown. I was unaware of a lot of this.


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