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Bill Nye is known for his show, Bill Nye, the Science Guy, he is the science guy to many americans, especially scientists. He was born in 1955 in Washington DC, he was briefly married in 2006 to actress Blair Tindall, in 2005 he announced that they were engaged on the Late Show, but the marriage lasted only a month. After college he worked in Seattle as an engineer for Boeing aircraft, and did some training videos. He also developed a compression system for 747’s, while working with the company. After winning a look a like contest as actor Steve Martin, he began his acting career. His most famous part is of course, is his show Bill Nye, the Science Guy, with Disney productions.

He teaches kids about science in fun, and imaginative ways. His videos are for elementary students, to the High school levels. His video School house rock, deals with mathematical concepts, and problems in multiplying, is for the elementary aged kids. On his website his slogan is Bill Nye the Science Guy, back with a desirable appetite for Math. He teaches middle school students about such concepts as kinetic energy, and friction, and how they work, and high school students he takes up, up, and away to space, all the way to Mars, with his Roving Mars video. He has had guest appearances on sitcoms, like The Big Bang Theory, and he also has done demonstrations with science experiments on his show, and website.

His tells young people interested in science, not to be afraid to try new things, but do not forget the clean up. His newest Math obsession is Algebra, where he teaches on how to solve problems with X. His TV show episodes teach on so many sciences, such as, life, planetary, and the physical sciences, where viewers learn about animals, humans, space, and so much more. When it comes to science, this man does not seem to see an end to what is out there.

The very first memory he has as a child, is figuring out how to make his rubber band powered toy plane turn left, and come back to him so he could stay in the same place, and not have to move. Nye admits to being a geek, and that he liked wearing a tie every day in school, even when the dress code became more relaxed. He is rarely ever seen with out his bow tie. He graduated with honors from Cornell University, in New York, and learned from Carl Sagan. Nye also enjoys swing dances with 1930, and 1940’s music. The Science Guy character made its premier in 1984 on a Seattle comedy show, called Almost Live.  where he also made up a super hero, named Humorless that wore a cape.

Nye knew the importance of educating children, he has stressed the significance of science, and technology, and that children should grow up grounded, tax paying citizens.  he also can not believe that there are people who do not believe in evolution, with all the information scientists have collected over the years, and people still do not believe it. Nye believes that adults that do not believe in science, should not stop their children from making that choice for themselves. He says United Stated leads in scientific advancement, and yet so many people do not believe the evidence from millions of years ago. Nye believed that there are facts all around about the planet, and man kind.

Bill Nye, the Science Guy is so very common to scientists today. He has spent his life in the scientific world, and really enjoys talking about, and teaching it, and has dedicated his life to it from an early age. One of his firsts interests he had in the subject, is when his family moved to Washington DC, was sundials. He even wrote a book on them.

Written by Katherine Miller-Chichester

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Photo courtesy of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s Flickr Page – Creative commons License

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