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Red Hot Kim Kardashian Touts Fashionable Red Nose


Red NoseThe red-hot attractive, Kim Kardashian donned the hot red nose to attract people to the charity, Red Nose Day. Kim is the latest celebrity ready and willing to kick-start the first Red Nose Day in the United States.

The stunning Kim Kardashian, has gained attention for the charity with her red nose photo shoot in her low-plunging, tight black top, showing off lots of cleavage. Even with the bright nose, it is hard not to notice her cleavage. Lending her support, putting her famous curves to good use.

Even though Kim complains she is struggling to lose the last of her baby weight, it has not been noticed. Whether she dons the red nose for charity or her red string bikini, she is hot and her body is much appreciated by all who see her on the beach, at a benefit or chilling with Kanye and their new baby. Kim has notable sex appeal. Bringing that sex appeal to the Red Nose charity event, and her photo shoot to raise money for children in poverty.

Kim Kardashian is not the only celebrity donning the nose for charity. Anna Kendrick and January Jones have posed with their red noses for the charity that reaches out to impoverished children. Anna went the extra mile, dressing as Indiana Jones. January wore evening wear for her photo shoot.

A clip promoting NBC’s Red Nose telethon, showed John Legend and Sam Smith both wearing the noses to support the charity for impoverished children. Justin Long, dodgeball guru made an appearance and joked that “I ate four of these before I realized they weren’t cherries.”

Ed Sheeran will be performing a duet with Kermit the Frog. His tweet said, “Me and my homie Kermit the Frog are singing a song on @ RedNoseDayUS Thursday on NBC”

The support from celebrities had been remarkable. Christina Aguilera, Nick Offerman, Neil Patrick Harris, Sienna Miller, Nick Cannon, Sophia Bush, Chris D’Elia, Andy Cohen, Jeff Goldblum, Brandi Glanville, Brad Goreski, Bridgit Mendler, Padma Lakshimi, 5 Seconds of Summer, Seth Meyers, January Jones, Gabriel Machti, Taylor Kinney, Lisa Edelstein, Maria Menounos, the cast of Orange is the New Black, David Duchovny, and  the Today Show anchors, all posed for photos wearing their bright red clown noses.

Red Nose Day is a fundraiser, complete with a telethon that will tickle your ribs to raise money for children that are living in poverty. The telethon airs tonight, May 21 on NBC for the first time in America. It is a charity event that is almost a national holiday in the U.K. as its citizens have been donning the clown noses for 30 years. This fundraiser is like no other, it involves the nation wearing clown noses, making each other laugh and remembering an important charity that is no laughing matter.

Children all over the world, including the United States, go without the essentials every day. There are children without food, shoes, education, clothes and shelter. Support for these children is critical to the world’s future. Poverty is endless. The noses make people laugh and children love to see serious people act silly. Children remind us to laugh and not take life so seriously. Even concerning this very serious issue of poverty, without laughter in times of need, there can be tears.

Kim Kardashian loves being home with her family, but she understands the need that must be met to help children in poverty. She did her photo shoot with her long, flowing, dark hair and her red nose on her finger in front of her face. If people notice the  nose. Kim is wearing a low-cut tight black top that shows her cleavage nicely. She had fun for charity and her pictures will be appreciated.

By Jeanette Smith

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