Black Man Found by Police Hanging From Tree in Georgia

black man

black man

Georgia law enforcement officials are currently investigating the death of a black man hanging from a tree in a wooded area. On Monday, Joe Wooten, a special agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), stated that nothing obvious infers foul play; however, they have yet rule out homicide.

The black man found hanging from the tree has been identified at 43-year-old Roosevelt Champion. Within in the last few weeks, he was questioned by investigators in connection with the death of a woman by the name of Carol Lewis. Wooten stated that it is unclear whether or not Champion knew her.

His body was found after someone walking nearby noticed it in the woods. Champion’s body was located in a rural area around 80 miles east of Atlanta. Wooten claimed that was nothing that would infer a struggle during the incident.

Moreover, Wooten stated that considering the victim in this case is black man that was hanged in the South, ,”there’s a lot of concern about the case.” The GBI is now leading the investigation.

By Alex Lemieux




Photo by Trancemist – Creativecommons Flickr License