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BlackBerry handsets like the Passport, Classic and Leap, are creating momentum and have their own world of BB OS users who shared what they think are the cool, exciting and new apps in this roundup. Meanwhile, the Canadian firm announced this week its return to T-Mobile, the availability of Leap in Canada and other updates. CrackBerry compiled the following apps, which are in the users favorite list.

First in the list of BlackBerry cool apps roundup is Combat Squad. This title is a shooting game where the player should prevent monsters from destroying world peace. The goal is to upgrade the gamer’s skills and collect items, while fighting and shooting destructive creatures. This shooting game is downloadable for free from the BlackBerry World and is compatible with Z3, Z10, Z30 and Leap.

The PhoneFinder app is an alternate choice backup of BlackBerry Protect in case of a lost device. It comes with various features to aid the user in finding a lost phone, for example, email or SMS commands. This $4.99-priced app runs well in all BB 10 phones with OS 10.2.1 and up.

Rotate It! is for puzzle lovers. While commuting from and to work, users can play puzzle games with Rotate It! It is a jigsaw puzzle with 220 levels designed well to keep the gamer occupied. The goal is to rotate the pieces to connect the pipes. It comes with two modes – challenge and zen, with or without a timer countdown, respectively. The game is available in the Amazon Appstore for $0.99.

For those who do not want to be disturbed, Smart Reply can help. It allows the user to automate replies according to a specified schedule. Messages can also be repeated for certain days. The app also rejects calls automatically, while sending the message during the user-specified schedule. Smart Reply is tagged $0.99 and comes handy when one is in a meeting or taking an exam, as he does not need to remember turning off his handset.

Unclouded helps users manage many cloud accounts. It consolidates cloud accounts in a single place, allows users to view contents, scan, remove duplicates and switch between services. The free version limits the number of accounts to access. This easy-to-use app starts at $0.99, plus in-app buys of more features like dark theme, password lock and unlimited accounts.

For those who love to keep abreast of the events, Watchup is a personalized multi-channel newscast, which news sources are many – local, national or international. It allows users to stream the videos and ask them to choose their favorite categories from politics, business, technology and entertainment. Based on the user selection, it will make an alert when the newscasts of the user’s interest are ready. Users found this free app to be quite easy.

A simple and basic weather app Weather Beautiful, pulls images or landmarks from the surrounding area and uses it as a background, such as New York’s various landmarks when the user is in Manhattan. To view the weather simply requires a swipe up and the seven-day forecasts will display. Scrolling sideways displays hourly forecast. This free app also brings beautiful layout, design and images.

Furthermore, the BB official blog compiled information shared by Elite users, on how they maximize their BB 10 devices. As the recent OS 10.3.1 comes with a powerful suite of productivity tools, such as, the Hub, Calendar and Blend, the Canadian-based firm wanted to know how the users find them useful.

Many shared that they use their BlackBerry devices for Mails, BBM, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Hub, Google+, BlackBerry Maps, Blend, as well as getting bus and train tickets. Aside from some of the BlackBerry cool apps in the above roundup, the BB World also shows WhatsApp Messenger, Dropbox, Box, Screen Grabber and Opera Mini web browser as some of the popular apps among BB users.

By Judith Aparri


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Photo courtesy of Maurizio Pesce’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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