Bombing on Kolkata Train Injuries Total 18 Individuals


The amount of people injured in the recent Kolkata train bomb attack is said to have reached a total of 18. New reports have stated that the low intensity blast did not kill anyone, but affected more than was initially thought.

The bombing incident occurred around 4am in local time in West Bengal’s capital. It happened as a result of rival groups having begun a conflict with each other while on the train, which escalated into bombs being hurled around the compartment.

The injured were subsequently taken to RG Kar Medical College and Hospital. Although they are said to have sustained critical injuries, they have been reported as being in stable condition. As to why the conflict in question began, authorities say that they are still investigating the matter to see if the occurence was random or whether it was premeditated. Security is said to have been tightened across all stations as a result, as well as in and around the city to make absolutely sure that everyone remains in safe condition after the bombing.

By Rebecca Grace


Gulf News India

Photo by rajarshi MITRA – Creativecommons Flickr License

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