Call Girl Who Killed Google Executive Gets Six Years

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Alix Catherine Tichelman, the California call girl who gave a lethal dose of heroin to a Google executive, will serve six years for his death. Dubbed the “Harbor Hooker,” “Call Girl Killer,” and “Black Widow of Silicon Valley,” Tichelman was accused in the death of Forrest Timothy Hayes, a Google X executive, who was found murdered on his 50-foot yacht in November 2013.

Tichelman was arrested on July 4, 2014 after the police set up a sting with an officer posing as a client. She pled guilty to felony charges and struck a deal today. Her charges included involuntary manslaughter, administering a controlled substance, destroying evidence and engaging in prostitution. She was also guilty of concealing or destroying evidence and possessing drugs. She had initially pled not guilty to voluntary manslaughter.

Hayes, a family man with five children, was registered on a “sugar daddy” website, SeekingArrangement, and contacted Tichelman there. The Google millionaire had an ongoing relationship with Tichelman which involved sexual acts and the use of drugs. She was paid generously after their meetings. Hayes, 51, had invited Tichelman, then 25, to his yacht moored in Santa Cruz, California. Surveillance footage from a camera at the Santa Cruz harbor, shows both of them kissing and Hayes extending his arm for Tichelman so that she could inject him with the heroin on Nov. 23, 2013.

Hayes collapsed and then the video shows Tichelman stepping over his body several times as she cleans up all the evidence. She did not call the authorities or try to help Hayes. Once she even picks up a bottle of wine to have a drink.

Police investigators said that Tichelman could not have cared less about Hayes and her primary concern was getting off the yacht undetected. Today, prosecutor Rafael Vazquez, said that the video did show Tichelman panicking after seeing Hayes fall down. She is shown crying and scared while she hugs a dying Hayes. She was yelling for him to wake up.

Following Hayes’ death, the police did not have any leads as his family was unaware of the Google executives second life. The yacht’s captain also claimed that the security cameras aboard the yacht were broken. The police later found that the camera was working and the video was backed up in cloud storage.

Tichelman will get a reduced sentence on manslaughter charges and will only serve three years out of the six for the Google executive’s death. She will also not go to prison, instead being allowed to serve them in the Santa Cruz County Jail. She has already served a year and will probably be freed earlier, her attorney, Larry Biggam said. The defense attorney claimed that it was an accident between two consenting adults who were involved in consensual drug use and consensual sex initiated by Hayes.

Born to a wealthy family, Tichelman holds Canadian and American passports. She was also a makeup artist, exotic dancer, an escort and a model. She reportedly said on a social network site that it was nice to talk to people about killing sprees and murdering people in cold blood.

Tichelman was a Georgia native and is also under suspicion for the death of her boyfriend, Dean Riopelle, who died under similar circumstances in Milton, Georgia. She was never interviewed in regard to that case as she had called up the police telling them of his death. So, even while the high profile call girl is serving her six year sentence for the Google executive’s murder, she is being investigated for Riopelle’s death. Milton police officers said that they will now review her interviews with the Santa Cruz police as she could be a possible suspect.

By Anugya Chitransh


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