Saudi Arabia, Ramadi and Syria Headed for Armageddon?

Saudi Arabia, Ramadi and Syria Headed for Armageddon?Could this be the end times? For many believers it is, as Middle Eastern countries like Syria, Ramadi (Iraq) and Saudi Arabia are enduring conflict that is supposedly events headed for Armageddon. With a war that seems never ending, and allies failing to intercept effectively, many believe that the Middle Eastern conflict that is occurring right now is a sign that Armageddon is not far away.

The Huffington Post recently wrote in an article that a survey given to Americans reflected that two-thirds of them believe that the conflict in Syria is a sign that the foretelling of Armageddon is upon the world. Though preachers have been teaching for years that Armageddon is well on its way, they are stepping up now more than ever to warn people about getting their lives in order and preparing for the returning of the King (Jesus).

Many preachers are even posting articles online about how they believe that the conflicts in Syria, Ramadi (Iraq), and Saudi Arabia are a sign that the world is headed for Armageddon. They derive this belief off of the fact that a passage in the Bible apparently foretells of the events that are currently happening in those countries.

The Bible foretells of the destruction of Damascus, a city which will face destruction, even when other countries try to come to its aid. It tells of brother fighting brother and the armies led by a cruel ruler. Many are actually using the latter as a prophecy against Obama, stating that many of the things he has done is also prophecy in the Bible. Social media has even circled videos about Obama being the anti-Christ.

But whether a person believes in Biblical prophecies, other religions, or even no religion at all, it is clear that the conflicts taking place in Syria, Ramadi (Iraq), and Saudi Arabia may lead to an Armageddon, even if just for those places.

If the wars continue on, the way that they are going, there may be nothing left of the Middle East, very soon. The death count by the year 2015 is so large in Middle Eastern countries, due to wars and other upheaval, that many are surprised that those countries have lasted this long. Though this is not new information, it just goes to show that the conflict is not only causing a larger national feared but a global fear.

But Americans fear the involvement of the U.S. troops in the Middle Eastern conflict (just as they fear involvement in any war), even more than they fear the conflict. According to Huffington Post a majority of Americans surveyed believe that the U.S. involvement in the war of the Middle East is a large part of the Biblical prophecy that foretells Armageddon. Many Americans also believe that allowing the U.S. to get involved in the wars of Syria, Ramadi (Iraq) and Saudi Arabia will only cause more anger and retribution against America from these countries.

Some preachers however are stating just the opposite. They state that the conflict in Syria is not the prophecy that is in the Bible, telling of the end times. One preacher told the Huffington Post that people want to know God is in control and so they look for answers when major wars and economic hardships occur. A pending doomsday just happens to be their want of proof that God is in control of the situation of the Middle East.

For now, the world is still intact, even though wars are tearing it apart. As countries work to intervene in the situation, they are having little success, but that may or may not mean that the world is reaching Armageddon. With many in the world believing that the conflict in Syria, Ramadi (Iraq), and Saudi Arabia are proof that the world is headed for Armageddon, many are fearing what is to come. One preacher even posted online that Armageddon is going to happen within the next two weeks. In the meantime, many Americans are preparing for the end of the world.

Opinion by Crystal Boulware


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  1. alex   May 19, 2015 at 4:51 pm

    This is one of the most poorly written articles I have ever read. It takes a horrible journalist to make conflict in the middle east boring to read about. I would rather read the back of a shampoo bottle. Also, Ramadi isn’t a country.

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