Cannes Premieres Documentary on the Life and Career of Amy Winehouse


Cannes premiered an Amy Winehouse documentary by Asif Kapadia who is a British director. The film is called Amy and it focuses on the life and career of singer Winehouse and her road to fame. Fox News stated that in the documentary the singer mentioned how she never thought she would be famous and how she did not think she could handle fame if it ever came her way.

Winehouse died in 2011 at the age of 27 from alcohol poisoning. The death was ruled as accidental and devastated fans of the singer. The documentary does show that Winehouse may have suspected her fate early on according to the Fox News article. The film features interviews from friends and family of the singer as well as from collaborators of the film. It also features extensive footage of the singer from her childhood days through her rise to fame.

Winehouse had struggled with many issues throughout her career including battles with bulimia, drugs and alcohol, and depression. These issues began early and the pressure of fame only added to the problems the star faced. Her meaningful lyrics, powerful voice, and larger than life personality managed to make her a huge star despite her struggles. Her eccentric behavior made her a victim of tabloid news and constantly put her in the spotlight, many times in a less than positive light according to the article.

The film is set to be released in July in the United States and the parents of the late singer are said to appear in the film. Her parents however have criticized the film claiming that it puts them in a negative light. They felt that the film made it seem as if they did little to help the late singer deal with her addictions. Fox news said that the film does not display anyone as a villain. The film shows how friends and family tried to help the singer but ultimately failed in that Winehouse just could not overcome her demons even with help.

The documentary, which premiered at Cannes, received rave reviews from critics and was even described as stunning. It detailed the life and career of the singer as well as her struggles. It showed that she earned success through hard work and did not let her issues deter her from reaching stardom. Some called it as good as a thriller from beginning to end. Most critics gave the documentary a five star review. One critic described it as powerful, moving, shocking, and even intimate. The critic added that the film is mesmerizing and passionate as well. You are completely pulled into it and it overwhelms you.

Robbie Collin, who is from The Telegraph, Says Robbie Collin said in an article for the PanArmenian that the film is definitely a tribute to Winehouse. He added that it commemorates her talent and shows the true path to stardom that she embarked on. He used the words brilliant and witty to describe the singer and added that the documentary about her was moving to say the least. He also added that she was gone too soon but never forgotten and this documentary that was years in the making was meant to honor her and her accomplishments.

Amy was made possible for American audiences by a company called A24. This documentary is a first for the company and features unseen footage and also unheard tracks. The footage is said to be extensive and a cannot miss for fans of the singer according to Billboard. The film depicts the true talent of Winehouse as a jazz artist. It shows how she sung from the heart and how her lyrics reflected her personal life and attempts at getting through her own problems. Some considered her to be a musical genius that was the best kind of talent of her generation and someone that happens once in a generation.

The singer had released just two records before her death which were titled Frank and Back to Black. She won numerous awards for her efforts including six Grammy Awards. Tone Deaf stated that while she had a short career it was also an incredible one. The documentary on Amy Winehouse that premiered at Cannes is said to be a must see for fans of the singer and a moving experience that will get one up close and personal with the singer.

By Heather Granruth


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