‘Castle’: The Show’s Future Still Undecided

Castle, an ABC mystery series, first premiered on Mar. 9, 2009, was a hit from the start. The show is based on a mystery writer who helps a homicide detective team to solve the most unusual murder mysteries in New York City. The co-stars, Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic, play Castle and Beckett, the constantly bickering duo. Even though the show is hard to ignore, the unpredictable future of Castle is undecided and lies in the hands of the network.

The show has become a hit due to the duo’s irresistible chemistry. In the first couple of seasons, Beckett played hard-to-get, but eventually gave into the physical attraction and Castle’s quirky ways. Now, in season seven, the couple is finally happily married and still solving mysteries together in the same bizarre ways. The unique writer solves the show’s murder mysteries in the same manner as he writes his books, by putting himself into the role of the murderer. Castle helps solve these murders by analyzing the motives and linking the relationships between murderer and victim.

The co-stars who play Castle and Beckett, the constantly bickering duo, have an amazing spark together and make a dynamic team. Their chemistry and relationship are the main focal point of the show. Throughout the seven seasons, the writer has been kidnapped and framed for murder. Beckett, on the other hand, was a victim of a psycho man’s obsession. They both survived, and subsequently moved on to the next mystery.

The show is currently coming towards the end of season seven, with the season finale airing on May 11, 2015. There are currently no drastic spoilers to report at this time, with the future of Castle at a stand still. The show is currently facing difficulties, having almost lost the star of the show (Fillion) due to contract disputes. Fans’ worries went unheeded, however, as he returned to finish off the seventh season.

The future of Castle still remains to be seen, with several questions for season eight still unanswered. Katic is thinking about her future with the popular show, and is not sure if she will be returning for the next season. This may not be too big of an issue, given that ABC still has not decided if they will be bringing the show back for another season. In her view, the show has come full circle and she is not sure if they need to go any further with the storyline. The writers do not want to end the season with anything overly definitive, just in case the show does come back for season eight. In making this decision, the cast will be able to pick up their roles where they left in season seven. Therefore, there is currently no plans for goodbyes to the cast or the show overall. After all, there is still the summer break for the network to decide which shows are coming back.

With so many shows on the chopping block for next season, viewers should not write Castle off just yet. There is still a good chance for an amazing season eight; if so, the fans have so many questions to be answered. What is next step for Castle and Beckett; what is their future, will there be a baby? Some possible storylines could answered in the next season; however, if the show does not return for an eighth season, it is hoped that producers will end the plot on a good note.

There are still so many exciting murder mysteries still left to solve, and so many creative ways of solve them. The future of Castle is unsettled at this point; however, whether it comes back for season eight or not, let the fans be happy that it had been such a large part of primetime TV.

Opinion By Elina Brik

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