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Christian Howard Shot Girlfriend’s Four Year Old Son



Monday night, May 4, Christian Howard shot his girlfriend’s four-year-old son. It happened at 8:30 pm, in Normandy Park, Detroit. Howard is facing charges of a felony count of concealing and receiving firearms, along with a felony count for carelessly releasing a weapon, causing death or injury.

The boy was found by the police with his head wounded by a gunshot, and has been in the hospital in stable condition since Monday. Police told sources the boyfriend was the only one with the four-year-old in the park when the shooting occurred. Police searched the park for evidence and for the gun that was used, and have not responded to any further questionings of what has been found to charge the boyfriend with the assault.

Howard’s reasoning for shooting his girlfriend’s four-year-old son also unknown. Police are still investigating the crime while the boy resides in Children’s Hospital in Detroit for treatment. With little evidence to prove the crime, Richard Maierle, Captain of the Clinton Township police, told sources the given circumstances are still unclear.

By Krystle Mitchell


Macomb Daily News

Photo By Tex Texin – Creativecommons Flickr License

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