Classic Movie Re-Watch: ‘A View to a Kill’ (1985) [Review]

Classic Movie
Classic movies can often provide a great re-watch experience. One example is A View to a Kill, which was released in 1985 and is the 14th installment of the James Bond film series. Moreover, it was the seventh and last movie to star Roger Moore as iconic MI-6 agent James Bond or 007. In the film, Moore’s Bond is pitted against Max Zorin (Christopher Walken), who plans to destroy California’s Silicon Valley.

At first sight, Zorin appears to be a shady businessman and horse breeder with suspicious practices. However, as the film progresses, we learn there is much more to the story. Not only is Zorin a diabolical and determined businessman, but it is also revealed that he was initially trained and financed by the KGB and has now gone rogue. Furthermore, Zorin unveils to his investors a plan to destroy Silicon Valley, which will give them a monopoly over microchip manufacturing.

In many ways, A View to a Kill is still considered one of the Bond series’ weakest installments but remains a classic movie worthy of a re-watch. Bond’s efforts to stop Zorin from implementing “Operation Main Strike” often seem one-note and redundant at times. Then, there is the surrealist element of the plot in which we learn that Zorin is, in fact, the product of a macabre WWII genetic experiment. Added to this soapy equation is the mysterious May Day (Grace Jones), who is Zorin’s henchwoman, muscle, and hit gal all-in-one.

However, there were also some real selling points to the oft-maligned, classic movie flick. Despite mixed reviews, it proved to be a commercial success, which was expected given that it was part of the Bond franchise. Yet, the real golden goose of this classic movie lies in its soundtrack. The Duran Duran theme song, A View to a Kill, performed well in the charts and even earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Song. Another positive was the presence of Roger Moore (for the last time) as Bond. Arguably, Moore and Sean Connery are easily ranked among the top three James Bonds of the film franchise. Without question, both actors brought style, charisma, and life to the character, as well as the film franchise itself.

As classic movies can offer a great re-watch experience, A View to a Kill, which was the seventh and last movie to star Roger Moore as the iconic 007. The movie was released in 1985 and is the 14th installment of the James Bond film series. In the film, Moore’s Bond is pitted against Christopher Walken’s Max Zorin, who is the product of a horrific WWII genetic experiment and has an elaborate plot to destroy California’s Silicon Valley. Granted, the plot is surreal and requires a large degree of suspension of belief, but it does offer the last appearance of Roger Moore as super spy James Bond. Moreover, it features a killer soundtrack worthy of 007, thanks to Duran Duran. Even if viewers do not recall the film in a favorable light, the Duran Duran theme song, A View to a Kill, a bright spot and unforgettable for many fans of the film franchise.

Opinion and Review by Leigh Haugh

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