Criminal Minds Constant Female Cast Changes Disrupting the Show’s Flow

Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds is a behavioral analysis investigation show on CBS, that promises to come back for Season 11 sometime in the fall. This past season they lost another female cast member, Jennifer Love Hewitt who plays SSA Kate Callahan. Although Hewitt claims it is for personal issues that she will not be returning to the show the fans may wonder are there more problems with the female casting behind the scenes. Criminal Minds‘s constant female cast changes may be disrupting the flow of the show.

The criminal investigation show first premiered on September 22, 2005 and follows a team of behavioral profilers to help solve violent serial killers. This team works for FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, the team travels all over the country to follow and analyze the serial murders the behaviors of the killers.

Since 2007 when Paget Brewster left at the end of season seven, rumors floated behind the scenes that the female cast members were being paid less than the male cast members and there were constant negotiations. In season, eight and nine Jeanne Tripplehorn was casted as a female member of the Behavioral Analysis Unit and then she left possibly for the same reasons. In season, 10 Jennifer Love Hewitt had joined the cast of Criminal Minds and after a year run on the show she has chosen to leave, stating personal family reasons.

There has been no report or confirmation of who is definitely returning for season 11. Last time contracts were negotiated was in May 2013, and two of the female cast members AJ Cook and Kristen Vangsness rejected their initial offers and decided to boycott the treatment of female cast members on the show. The constant changes every season with new female characters being added does not make the Criminal Minds team look very organized. The show’s cast should be more consistent and flow smoother. It would be great to see a longer period of stays for the female characters and better to hear that men and women on the show are being paid fairly based on their roles, not their sex. The show has been a mega-hit since 2005 when it first premiered, with the savvy and clever storylines, as the actors and the overall premise of the series are beyond creative. The Criminal Minds constant female cast changes, however, have not helped with the flow of the show.

The fans do not know what they can expect for season 11, but it is open to for new opportunities, storylines and new cast members once again or for the older characters to stay and give the fans their view on criminal profiling these killers. Hewitt may be called back to her role as Kate to help with a major case, this is television land so anything can happen. Writers are thinking of new and creative storylines for season 11. It will be interesting to see some of the changes that are coming in season 11. Fans wait with anticipation as the new season premiers, to see if the cast members from season 10 will be back or if are there going to be more surprises for the show. No spoilers have been reported for season 11, it will be a surprise and the fans will come back with excitement, regarding what new stories await this amazing cast of characters.

Criminal Minds is one of those rare shows that has made it past a decade and is still going strong, clearly the writers are doing something right and actors are just perfecting their vision. Season 11 may be a more stable year for the Criminal Minds female cast as it will smooth out the flow of the show if so many constant changes in the female casting would slow down.

By Elina Brik

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