Tornado Hits Texas


A tornado has hit Van Zandt, Texas, in the United States. Reports of injuries as well as homes being damaged are just coming in to authorities.

Police officers in Van have reported that a tornado was sighted in the county, about 9pm Sunday (May 10). Injuries as a result of the weather event have been confirmed by the local fire department. It is believed there are people trapped and multiple injuries have been reported.

Van Police said a circulation had occurred near the boundary between Smith and Van Zandt areas, resulting in a situation of serious nature for Van. A large number of people have also reported loss of their power supply.

A tornado watch warning had been released for the area. Assistance from emergency management staff from the nearby county of Smith are on their way. It takes under an hour to travel between the two counties. Besides Van Zandt, a similar weather event has been confirmed to have hit close to Cottonwood in the county of Kaufman about 6pm Sunday.

By Rebecca Brown




Photo by Rachel Gardner РCreativecommons Flickr License

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    That is ubelievable. A very descriptive article I may ad

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