‘Cruel Intentions’ Musical Reunites Witherspoon, Blair and Gellar

Cruel Intentions

On Thursday night, May 28, it was the spring of 1999 all over again at Rockwell’s. A crowd gathered around the entrance, waiting for the opening night of Cruel Intentions: The Completely Unauthorized Musical Parody.  A reunion of actresses Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair, and Sarah Michelle Gellar happened in Los Angeles, California, for the Cruel Intentions musical.

Instagram (IG) photos of the reunion were shared on each of the stars’ personal accounts, @reesewitherspoon (Witherspoon), @sarahmgellar (Gellar), and @therealselmablair (Blair), which included quotes describing their night. They took photos of them as a group outside and inside of the venue, and as the photos continued to flood fans’ timelines, a photo of Cruel Intentions’ famous kiss between Gellar and Blair, which the stars gamely reenacted, was also posted. Gellar had been to a previous opening night of the show, in April, and was not able to stop rambling about the parody on her IG account. cruel intentions

Before the Cruel Intentions musical happened in Los Angeles, Gellar and Blair posted #throwbackthursdays (#TBT) on their own IG accounts, in celebration of the director, Roger Kumble’s, birthday. Fans of the film were thrilled to see the photos of the trio back together again. Although there was one cast member missing, Robert Phillpe, the girls still had a great night. However, Phillpe was able to make it to a previous opening night which occurred in April, and he shared a really nice souvenir with his IG fans.

Cruel Intentions, released in 1999, is a scandalous tale about a group of teens in private school who indulged in sex and drugs. The parody follows the original storyline of Kumble’s film, including the shabby step-siblings, Sebastian, played by Constantine Rousouli, and Kathryn, (Katie Stevens from Faking It), who strive to ruin the lives of their classmates, Molly McCook and Pitch Perfect actress Shelley Regner. With music from The Cardigans, The Verve, and Placebo, the audience is said to laugh, cry, and fall in love with Cruel Intentions: The Completely Unauthorized Musical Parody. 

Cruel Intentions

When the curtains opened Thursday night, and the cast and audience saw Gellar sitting in the front row, staring at her doppelgänger, Kathryn, on stage, the cast told sources they tried to stay as calm as possible. According to LA Weekly, Lindsey Rosin, the director of the parody, did not censor or soften the edges of the script, even though in today’s world, it is necessary to watch what one says to not offend others. Rosin kept the script just as torrid as it was in 1999. The director told sources that she believed everyone in the crowd knew every line of the script, and had the cast speed through it to break into hit 90s songs that were relevant to each scene. Sources described the set as a spin-the-bottle, karaoke runway show, due to its creative use of music.

Throughout the show, audience members caught the original cast members of the film participating in the sing-a-longs and paying close attention to the scenes. At the end of the show, Witherspoon, Gellar, and Blair gathered backstage with the cast members, offering them words to motivate them to continue their craft as actors and actresses. The Cruel Intentions musical, which happened in Los Angeles, proved to be a unique occasion, reuniting the movie’s original trio for a trip down memory lane.

By Krystle Mitchell

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