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Cuba May Be Headed Toward New Change


Even though Cuba is a communist country with a history that extends as far back as the Cold War, causing a rift between the United States which has gone on since the 1980s, Raul Castro’s meeting with Obama has some wondering if this will do more harm than good. They wonder whether his plan to make amends will help to bring forth change into Cuba, which is a possibility if the country can strengthen their relations with the United States. Although this would be good news, this move has left many feeling uneasy and concerned.

Standing in the way of a possible truce are some Republicans who have voiced how they feel on the matter. Those against the idea of the United States making amends with the communist nation include Republican Jeb Bush, who has openly opposed the idea calling the country a dictatorship, a singular word that can incite fear in people even though Obama is one person who feels that there is no threat of terrorism. Jeb Bush has said that “negotiating with a repressive regime” may not be a good idea, standing firm behind his opinion while Obama through his actions seems to refute this.

Obama’s decision to remove Cuba from the terror sponsor list is one that shows an effort on the part of the U.S. to make peace. Others have been against his decision to do, because some of them feel that the country is is still a threat even though relations between the United States and the communist nation have improved slightly since the 1982 when their tensions was derived from their support of leftist guerrilla groups in Latin America. These groups were responsible for such acts as attacking civilians. Even though they openly stated that they are not a country that supports acts of terrorism of any kind, this admission has made the U.S look at Cuba in a new light because it appears the country is moving toward change. Although America’s ties with Cuba are still strained and not completely healed, there may be hope for the future that both countries will one day see eye to eye, even with their differences still getting in the way.

With Obama’s decision to improve relations by implementing new policies and taking away the restrictions of people traveling to the country, perhaps peace and order will be brought between the two countries. In their meeting, both leaders discussed the possibility of establishing embassies in each of their nations, a step that could bring political change in the country. Some people’s skepticism and ambivalence regarding forming better relations with Cuba may be rooted in fear, and not knowing what the outcome will be when Obama’s decision goes into effect. What will this mean for Cuba’s political system, when the country is taken off the list, and how will affect the nation as a whole? Will they stray away from their communist ties, and finally start to implement new democratic policies or will there only be more strife and tension between the two countries?

Many have expressed their views about the issue, and feel that if the United States were to finally straighten their ties with the country it could potentially hurt America and its people as a whole, whose values are rooted in Democracy. Republican Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart has also weighed in regarding the issue to the Cuban people, and how they have suffered for a long time. The dream for democracy has not yet come to fruition, and this also affects the American people because of Cuba’s Anti-American beliefs. In this country, any time something or someone is labeled anti-American it can make people be fearful and want to disassociate themselves from that person or thing. As evidenced by leader Raul Castro meeting with Obama it may be time to let go of these old attitudes and start to move toward change, a place that both countries seem to be headed for given their interest in trying to establish common ground with one another.

By Tabitha Jenkins

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