Clinic Fire in Syria Kills 27 People, Mostly Children


On Sunday, a fire that destroyed a small medical clinic in northeast Syria killed at least 27 people, most of them children, and severely injured an additional 30 individuals. According to SANA, the state run news agency, police explained that dry branches were set ablaze in the drought-stricken area, causing a nearby fuel tank to explode, adding greater danger to the situation.

One of the Maysalun clinic’s doctor stated the infrastructure suffered, ” significant material damage.” Local authorities stated over 30 people are being treated for their injuries at a local hospital. The clinic is located in Kurdish city of Qamishli, just a few miles from the border with Turkey in Hasakeh, Syria’s northeastern province.

Currently, the control of the city is being fought over by Kurdish soldiers and forces still sympathetic to Syria’s leader, Bashar al-Assad. Since the conflict in Syria began in March 2011, over 220,000 people have been killed by the ever-increasing fighting. Anti-government protests have caused hundreds of thousands of people to flee the area to seek safety from political and military violence, many of whom have migrated to parts of Eastern and Southern Europe.

By Alex Lemieux


Yahoo News: Fire at clinic in Syria kills 27, mostly children: state media

Photo Courtesy of Klaus Wagensonner’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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