DEA Crackdown on Prescription Drugs in Four Southern States

DEA Crackdown on Prescription Drugs in Four Southern States


Today morning, the Drug Enforcement Administration or the DEA, raided pharmacies, pain clinics and other locations as part of their crackdown on prescription pain pills abuse in the four southern states of Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi. The bust was the culmination of a 15-month operation which was launched last summer by the DEA’s drug diversion unit.

“Operation Pilluted,” as it was called, was focused on the illicit sales of painkillers, including hydrocodone and oxycodone, both very powerful opioids. It was the “single largest pharmaceutical operation” in DEA history, according to a federal source who spoke to NBC News. The arrested people, which includes doctors and pharmacists, face a slew of state and federal charges.

During the operation, more than 300 arrests have been made, including the 140 which were arrested before today. Today, a 1,000 DEA agents and officers conducted the raids on places which dealt in the illicit painkillers. Some of the bust venues include KJ Medical Center and Bowman Curve Pharmacy in Little Rock, Arkansas. One of the doctors at KJ Medical Center told THV11 that sometimes life was difficult and that is why he was involved in the bust.

By Anugya Chitransh


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