DragCon the Newest Craze Led by RuPaul


DragCon the first ever Drag Queen convention is the newest craze led by RuPaul. The famous drag queen has been working at making Drag more mainline. The two-day event is the first of its kind collaborated on by Stan Lee’s Comikaze crew. RuPaul decided to make the DragCon very family friendly. She wants to shed light on the deeper issues cross dressing creates. Contrary to what most people believe, drag is still not mainstream and considered taboo. Drag instills fear in most people because it blows the lid off of identity and breaks all boundries. During her email interview about the DragCon, RuPaul made this quote “Basically, drag scares the crap out of most people.”

The actress or singer has never been very gender specific. She believes that finding oneself is the important journey. Who they become is unimportant. RuPaul born RuPaul Andre Charles was raised in San Diego. She started acting and in 1989 got her first acknowledgment when she was crowned “The Queen of Manhattan.” Her career kept climbing from there and in 1992 her hit song “Supermodel (You Better Work)” climbed the record charts. Despite her previous success RuPaul really credits one event to the true makings of her career: her performance for the Lesbian, Gay, and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation event in Washington D.C. in 1993. In the email RuPaul has this to say about that night. “That was a pivotal point in my career and my life. It was huge. I remember standing on that stage, and there was dust in the air from people running toward the stage. During my performance, I saw a plane taking off as the sun was setting. My mother was seriously ill at that time, and it occurred to me, ‘That’s my mother.’ After the performance, I got a message that my sister had called, and I started bawling. When we spoke, she told me my mother had died. I’ll never forget that.”

Pioneering and keeping things fresh has helped RuPaul keep her career and Drag in the headlines. Her show Drag Race is in its seventh season. The season six winner Bianca Del Rio will be a guest host and RuPaul herself will be delivering the keynotes at the DragCon event. The first ever DragCon event has been labeled a chance for “eccentrics all over the world to meet each other.”

RuPaul shocked his fan base by showing up in slacks and a jacket, yet he posed in true RuPaul fashion though and still showed his outrageous side. His guests of Honor and guest speakers are some A-listers in the trade, including Chi Chi La Rue who was well-known in adult entertainment and is now a famous DJ personality. Many of the G.L.O.W. or Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling will also be in attendance. The hottest guest speaker is none other than Bryce Eilenberg. He is the hunk who spends most of his time half-naked on RuPaul’s hit show Drag Race.

This legendary event will no doubt be talked about for years to come and, with luck, will spawn an annual gathering. The DragCon is not just men dressing as women or gay men prancing around, it’s about the search for self-identity and finding ways to truly express one’s self. RuPaul said it best in his closing statement about the DragCon “You are unlimited. And that’s the best message of all”.

By Sherry Raymond


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