Drug Cartel Showdown Gets Three Mexican Soldiers Killed

Drug cartel

Drug cartel ends with three Mexican soldiers killed. This violent scene occurred Friday in Jalisco, Mexico. A military operation targeting a drug cartel ended in three soldiers killed. Drug cartels are violent showdowns of power. The three soldiers killed were in a helicopter, as they were gunned down by the violent cartel members, thereby forcing the helicopter to make an emergency landing.  Other injuries included ten soldiers and two police officers.

The violence of this morning’s showdown was a reaction to the government’s plan to take down the cartel. Their goal was to get to the bottom of this organization and arrest the leaders of this cartel. The name of the cartel was not given, but an incident last month ended in the deadliest ambush, killing 15 state police officials. Prior to that an attempt to assassinate the security commissioner. This was considered revenge to stop forces killing the cartel leader. This particular occurence resulted in the drug cartel killing three Mexican soldiers.

The goal this morning was to arrest all the members of the cartel. As a result of the mission, the total death count was seven. The state was in a “code red” status while 11 banks and five gas stations were attacked while businesses were set on fire in the daylight. As a result, 15 arrests were made and several armed confrontations occurred. These are natural responses to important members of the cartel being arrested. Three Mexican soldiers were killed by drug cartel members, as a result of trying to take down this very violent organization.

By Elina Brik





Photo by JJ – Creativecommons Flickr License

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