Ehud Olmert Sentenced to Prison: Eight-Month Ordeal in Bribe Case


Previous Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has received a sentence of eight months in jail in the wake of being found guilty of accepting money from American businessman Morris Talansky. The disgraced PM, who once planned to bring peace among Israel and Palestinians during his time in office from 2006 to 2009, had despicably gathered an enormous number of dollars as the years progressed, it was uncovered.

Moreover, the eight-month jail sentence for extortion and trust is in dependence on the six-year sentence Olmert is as of now confronting for another case he was indicted for, a year ago. While the 69-year-old anticipates appealing against his conviction set by a Jerusalem district court, his political profession is as good as over with the revelation of year-long money bribes.

Judge Ya’akov Tzaban is heard saying: “A black flag waves around his behavior and it requires a serious punishment,” alluding to Olmert, who would give Tolansky special treatments in Israel during his run as Prime Minister for the three years that he served. He will be confronting a monstrous penalty for his wrongdoings, which will allegedly be much greater than the cash he accepted from his American supporters, IsraelNationalNews uncovers.

By Maurice Cassidy


INN: Ehud Olmert Given 8 Months in Talansky Affair

Photo Courtesy of Azi Paybarah’s Flickr page — Creative Commons license

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