Eurovision 2015 Semi-Final #1: Who Will Advance Based on Rehearsals [Part 1] [Video]


The first semi-final of 2015’s Eurovision Song Contest is being held on Tuesday, May 19. Based on the first and second rehearsal impressions, there are some clear advancing participants as well as some who unfortunately will most likely not make the cut. There are also those whose fate lies up in the air, and the voting for which will depend on how much they pull through when the day actually comes.

Eduard Romanyuta (Moldova): No. The dislike for the 22-year-old and his song choice have been great from the start, and recent rehearsal clips have done nothing to change this. Viewers are simply just not impressed with what they feel is a late 90’s early 2000’s type of pop music, as well as his rather risqué and raunchy stage performance involving several scantily dressed ‘police officers’. His song is entitled I Want Your Love.

Loic Nottet (Belgium): Yes. Although the Rhythm Inside singer was nowhere to be found during any of the pre-semis parties (which were held in Amsterdam, London, and Moscow), his hermit-like behavior paid off big when it comes down to how much he practiced and was able to improve his performance. Indeed; this song’s long-running standing of one of the top favorites in this year’s Eurovision has not fallen short of increasing, upon fans being able to watch what he has planned for Vienna.

Elhaida Dani (Albania): Maybe. The Voice of Italy winner no doubt has a huge following (indeed, she won the aforementioned reality singing competition with over 70 percent of the vote) but interest in her Eurovision song, I’m Alive, has been hit and miss. Those who like it swear by how good they think it is, whereas those who have not been won over see it to be boring and much like a lot of the other female competitors in this year’s competition. The 22-year-old will have to pull off an absolutely stellar performance on May 19 in order to sway some of the “meh” supporters her way.

Nina Sublatti (Georgia): Yes. Her song Warrior was an instant Eurovision fan favorite, save for the limited few who say they feel it is “overrated”. Her rehearsal performances have not disappointed in the slightest, and she is clearly prepared to take down the first semi-final completely. The fact that her assigned slot is the last of 16 competitors does not do her any harm in terms of likelihood for succeeding, given the energy and strength of the song in terms of ending the semi on something of an epic note.

Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät (Finland): No. This has been one of the more controversial aspects to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, in that the four members of the band all have developmental disabilities of some kind or another. Many believe that they are not entering the competition for “the right reasons” and others simply feel that their punk song Aina Mun Pitää is simply terrible in its own right, regardless of the band members themselves. Whether people are being truthful regarding their true reason for disliking this entry, it can be said for certain that the men have almost no shot at making the final, or getting very far in this semi-final whatsoever.

Any one of these entries could defy current predictions and go in the opposite direction. Fans do not have long to wait, as the first Eurovision semi-final airs in two days (May 19).

Opinion By Chanel van der Woodsen


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