Eurovision 2015 Semi-Final #2: Who Will Advance Based on Rehearsals [Video]

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The second semi-final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest is being held today, May 21. Based on rehearsals that took place last week, there are some clear participants who will advance and some that will simply not make the cut.

Lithuania: Maybe. While many find the song This Time to be annoying and somewhat childish, other find it upbeat and a nice change in pace from all the ballads and sad tracks this year has to offer. Indeed, the dynamic of Monika Linkyte & Vaidas Baumila‘s performance has become something of a fan favorite this year, and people are most excited to see what they do on stage in the semi-final. Whether or not this is enough to get them into the final though, remains up in the air.

San Marino: No. Michele Perniola and Anita Simoncini, although very mature for their age, are not seen as being quite ready enough for this competition. People also have issue with both the Chain of Lights song and the video, as they say it overdoes it in terms of trying to promote a mentality that the teenagers may not understand just quite yet.

Cyprus: Maybe, leaning more towards the no side. John Karayiannis’s song One Thing I Should Have Done has not gained much traction over the past few months, as he performs it the same way every time and nobody really feels as though it has any pull. It is viewed as one of the more boring ballads this year, but there are some who feel it has its own merits and could qualify if he really pulls off a stellar performance.

Slovenia: Yes. Maraaya’s track Here for You has been very popular from the start, and many say that it is a regular on their music playlist. It has been predicted by bookies to most likely reach the final, as it is one of the more favored duos in this year’s Eurovision.

Ireland: No. This country is the most successful nation in the contest, having won a total of seven times. Molly Sterling, however, is more than likely not going to advance to the stage at which she could achieve this honor. Although she is viewed to be very talented for only 16, her song Playing With Numbers seemingly blends in with all the other ballads this year; there is also the fact that the second semi-final in this year’s Eurovision is stacked with top contenders, and even though who are very talented will have to take the ax.

Sweden: Maybe. Although Mans Zemerlow’s Heroes is on the one hand a fan favorite and has been on top of the polls for some time, it is the individual singing the song that has been causing controversy for some years now. The conflict centers around a comment the singer made some years ago that, to some, made him appear homophobic. It has been heavily debated, but it is a label that has stuck nonetheless and caused many to say they would not vote for him no matter what.

Malta: No. This is the less popular of the two Warrior songs, and it has not received much favoritism from Eurovision fans. It is not that there is anything wrong with it, per se, but rather that there is nothing special about it whatsoever and Nina Sublatti’s (Georgia) Warrior trumps it by miles in most people’s opinion.

Portugal: No. This song has the disadvantage of not being sung in English; not that there is anything wrong with a participant singing in their native language, but it has been found that the more popular songs are the ones in English as that is what is most played on the radio and what most people understand. It is also another female ballad, which there is more than a slew of this Eurovision year.

Israel: Yes. Not only did the pre-semi final jury give Nadav Guedj their support to advance (their vote counts for 50 percent of the overall result) but he is the first Israeli contestant in a long time to have garnered such a big fanbase. This is in part to him breaking the 50/50 rule (all Israeli songs have always been at least half in English). It is a fun, euro-pop unique song that nobody expected and have become very attached to over the past few months.

Montenegro: Maybe. Also voted on by the jury, Knez has a very unique fanbase. Those who dislike him want nothing to do with him, but he does seem to have a very dedicated following that swear by him. Indeed, the artist has been around since 1992 and has a handful of studio and compilation albums under his belt. Many have praised the Balkan music style he brings to the Eurovision Song Contest this year, which is not often seen.

Norway: Yes. Morland and Debrah Scarlett won over most people instantly with A Monster Like Me, and have been going strong ever since. Their unique music video captured hearts with its spookiness and originality, and their stage performances have not disappointed. The duo is most certainly a shoe-in for the final.

Latvia: No. While Aminata’s track Love Injected is certainly different than all the other ones in terms of its sound and being the only one in that kind of style, it has not caught on very well. People just do not seem interested in either her or the song, so this entry most likely will not hit the final.

Azerbaijan: Yes. Elnur Huseynov is very popular with the Eurovision crowd, having participated back in 2008 as part of the duo Elnur and Samir. His song Hour of the Wolf has captivated many, although it is not appealing to some. He most likely has the support to make it through, however.

Iceland: Maybe. Maria Olafs is a fan favorite to many, as she is a very sweet person and her song & video are both uplifting and could pick someone up who was in the worst of moods. Whether it is enough against all the aforementioned superstars in this Eurovision year, though, remains to be seen.

Poland: No. Although Monika Kuszyńska has been commended for continuing her music career after her horrific car accident that left her unable to walk some ten years ago, people are just not won over by the Eurovision song. It is another ballad, and no one has really grown attached to it.

Czech Republic: No. Hope Never Dies by Marta Jandová & Václav Noid Bárta is considered to be too dramatic and wanna-be Nightwish for most. It has some dedicated fans, for sure, but most likely will not get to the Eurovision final.

Switzerland: Yes. Melanie Rene’s voice and stage skills have proven that she is more than ready for this year’s Eurovision, and her fans will the same. Although some feel her song Time to Shine is overrated, it is most likely to make the final.

Whether or not these predictions ring true has yet to be seen. The final airs at 12pm PST.

Opinion by Chanel van der Woodsen


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