‘Extreme Weight Loss’: Twins Robert and Raymond [Recap & Review]

Extreme Weight Loss

At the beginning of Extreme Weight Loss, the twins, Robert and Raymond, who were featured in this premiere episode of season five, drove past their old house. They said that the house was raided when they lived there as children. Their mother went to prison, and their dad flipped them off as he left. Robert and Raymond were left to fend for themselves and to take care of their two sisters. They made sure not to tell anybody, so that they would not be taken away and separated from each other. The twins got jobs mowing yards, and they faced other hardships so that their sisters would not have to deal with them.

Now, their mother is out of prison, and clean and sober. But, not having a dad with them growing up really affected Robert and Raymond. He was not there to go to ball games with them, or to give them advice. Their mother told them to not worry about what their dad thought, but they said they wanted to eventually confront him to let him know what he missed out on.

The twins said that they felt like people stared at them, and they no longer wanted to be as overweight as they are. Chris Powell surprised the twins at a local community center. They were there, already exercising, wanting to change themselves even if they were not chosen to be on the show.

“What these boys did was nothing short of remarkable,” Chris said about the twins. He said “They will be a shining example for their entire town.” Their sisters said that they will support them, no matter what.

At the local high school, in the auditorium, there was a big crowd gathered to see the twins off. They did their initial Weigh-In and took their shirts off, though they were embarrassed. Raymond weighed in at 378 and Robert weighed in at 381. For their first 90 days, Chris gave them the goal to loss 200 pounds, combined.

After a commercial break on Extreme Weight Loss, Robert and Raymond had been flown to Colorado where they were going to spend the first 90 days of their year of transformation at the University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center.

Chris told the camera that the twins “needed closure.” He said that they needed to eventually confront their father in order to move on.

On Extreme Weight Loss, Chris was amazed at how the brothers did not want to let each other down. As the days passed, the twins were shown in a montage, exercising.

Chris wondered how he would be able to tell them apart. He asked Robert to wear blue shirts and Raymond to wear grey ones, so that it would be easier for Chris to tell them apart.

At the 90-day Weigh-In on Extreme Weight Loss, Raymond went first. Chris said that he was a little bit worried about him, because of his injured foot. He weighed in at 287 pounds, and he lost 97 pounds, very close to the hundred that he had wanted to lose in the first three months. Robert would have to have lost 103 pounds and weigh in at 297 for them to have achieved a combined loss of 200 pounds in the first 90 days. Extreme Weight Loss, of course, headed to a commercial break before the result was shown.

Following the break on Extreme Weight Loss, when Robert weighed in, he was at 278 pounds. He had lost 108 pounds. Together, they lost 205 pounds. Their next weight loss goal that Chris Powell set for them was to lose 285 pounds.

At their Six-Month Milestone on Extreme Weight Loss, Chris told them they would meet some of the Los Angeles Lakers, and even play two-on-two basketball with them. They would also confront their father then, as he also lived in Los Angeles. Chris also told them that one of the twins will stay in Missouri for Phase II, and the other one will travel to Arizona and spend time with Chris and Heidi.

At the homecoming for the twins on Extreme Weight Loss, a huge crowd came out to show their support for Robert and Raymond. Their sisters talked about how proud they were of them. The twins decided that Robert would go.

Raymond had one of his sisters working out with him, giving him support. Robert struggled away from his brother, and Raymond, left to cook food for himself, also struggled.

Three months later on Extreme Weight Loss, the twins met up again in Arizona. Chris Powell told Raymond that he knew Phase II was usually much harder. If the scale said 225 pounds or less, Raymond would have met his goal. But, he was at 255. He said he was ashamed of that number. He said “I feel like I failed. I want to get into Phase III. I know I can do better.”

Then, it was Robert’s turn to weigh in. He weighed in at 243 pounds. He had lost 35 pounds but that was also not enough to meet his goal.

On Extreme Weight Loss, Chris came to the conclusion that the two brothers needed to work together, and the idea of separating them did not work out well, at all. He said that he believed they would really start losing a lot more weight once again, once they worked together again.

In Los Angeles, the twins were ready to meet the Los Angeles Lakers. They were greeted by the Los Angeles Lakers Girls. The owner of the Lakers gave them a tour of the facilities. They even got to check out the locker room and there were jerseys there with their names on them.

Then, Robert and Raymond got to watch the Lakers working out, and Steve Nash came to meet them and shake their hands. James Worthy and Bryan Scott asked them to “play a little bit of ball.” A.C. Green watched from the sidelines. Robert and Raymond did pretty good for themselves, making some baskets. They were about to leave, then Kobe walked over and introduced himself to the twins.

After that, Chris Powell drove the twins to where their dad lived. They asked Chris if he was going to go with them, and he said “No. This journey’s for you.”

One of the brothers said “To be honest, I don’t even know if I want to do this anymore.” Then, Extreme Weight Loss headed to another commercial break.

Their dad hugged the twin that knocked on the door, Raymond. Their dad said what he did was wrong, that he should not have left them all alone.

The twins said they had needed for him to be there, and that they had to go from being kids to being adults. Robert told their father “We need to let go of our hatred and move on.”

Their dad told them “I’m going to try from here on out, if you let me. But there’s no pressure, no urgency. We can take this one day at a time.”

The twins trained with a renewed sense of urgency following their meeting with their dad. When Chris met them again, he was impressed, saying “That’s about the craziest transformation I’ve ever seen in three months!” He told them they needed to be at least at 40 percent of their original body weight to qualify for the skin reduction surgery. Raymond weighed in at 36 pounds less, exceeding his goal.

When they both met with the surgeon on Extreme Weight Loss on ABC, he told the twins that they would be great candidates for the skin reduction surgery. That was like sweet music to their ears. Chris flew out Robert and Raymond’s mom to be with them when they had their surgery.

On Extreme Weight Loss at the end of the year, Chris Powell took the stage at an auditorium. He showed the Before photos of Robert and Raymond and said “They do not look like that any more.”

Chris told the audience “They pretended that nothing was wrong. They did it year after year. They turned to food.” He added “They compete against each other, but they don’t want to see each other fail.”

As Robert and Raymond got out of a stretch limo and walked in, there were shocked looks on the faces of some of the audience, at how different the twins looked. Then, Extreme Weight Loss went to yet another commercial break.

Chris said “Let’s talk about your trip out to L.A.” They mentioned getting to met the Lakers, and also what happened when they met their dad, and how they got a renewed desire to lose their extra weight.

At their final Year-End Weigh-In on Extreme Weight Loss, Raymond went first. He came in at 213 pounds. Robert weighed in next. He began the year at 381 pounds. When he stepped onto the scale, he now weighed in at 177 pounds! He SMASHED his weight loss goal. Together they lost 342 pounds.

Chris gave them the opportunity to “pay it forward,” and give a week-long scholarship to the Weight Loss Boot Camp in Colorado to someone else. They chose to give it to their mom.

It was a great episode of Extreme Weight Loss to start the season off with. Twin brothers Robert and Raymond needed to lose over 300 pounds, combined, to qualify for skin reduction surgery at the end of the year, and they did it, though they had a few setbacks along the way. Through supporting each other, and pushing each other to succeed, Robert and Raymond were able to meet their weight loss goal and transform their lives for the better.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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