Finally Lindsay Lohan’s Probation Comes to an End


After almost eight years of her life being spent dealing with the court system, Lindsay Lohan’s probation has finally come to an end. The 28-year-old’s court troubles began back in March of 2007.

Lohan started her career in Disney films and seemed to be on the road to success but her career began to show signs of trouble that were only compounded by two arrest in 2007 for driving under the influence. She soon began to spend more time in court than behind the camera. She attended 20 court hearings during those eight years, with 10 different judges presiding over her cases. She ended up in prison five times and almost was about to return for a sixth time but manage to complete the required 125 hours of community service. If she had failed to meet the May 28 deadline prosecutors said that they would probably ask for six months in jail.

Last month her lawyer Shawn Holly admitted in court that the actress had only complete 10 of the 125 hours of community service she was order to do. This left her only 16 days to complete 115 hours of community service.

On Thursday Judge Mark Young of the Los Angeles Superior Court ruled that Lohan had completed her community service and thus ended her probation. The mandatory service came from a reckless driving case in 2012, in which the actress drove into a dump truck on her way to a movie shoot.

Lohan was convicted of a drunk driving and drug case, a theft charge filed for stealing a necklace, and the reckless driving case that she has finally just resolved. She has been order to rehab, been under house arrest, and in jail briefly five times. The three cases took 50 court hearings, of only 20 that she was forced to appear at, to resolve.

When ever she appeared at court it usually resulted in quite the display, with photographers standing to the sides as she entered and exited the court building, trying to snap photos of the actress, red carpet like commentary, and twice she even had confetti thrown at her. To outsiders it appeared that the young starlet was not taking the situation seriously, she appeared in court with profanity painted on her nails, and had to be told that while under house arrest she could not have parties.Lohan

The drama in the court system seemed to ruin her career in drama. Before 2007, when she first began to get in trouble, the then promising actress had appeared in nine films and grossed over $431 million. Since then she has only been in six films, two of those films only played in less than 12 theaters and she grossed only $66 million.

Lohan did not have to appear at the hearing that finally brought her probation to an end. Sources say that the judge praised Holly for being able to get the actress to complete the required hours of service.

Lindsey thanked her attorney and everyone else who helped her, including the people at The Ali Center and Brooklyn Community Services, for allowing her to finish her mandatory community service.

Lohan celebrated her accomplishment of finally bringing her probation to an end by sending out a Tweet that said “Clean slate, fresh start.” Hopefully the actress can stay out of trouble and get her career back on track.  The film Liz and Dick, in which Lohan played the role of Elizabeth Taylor, and the film Canyon, did not do well with critics. Speed-the-Plow a production in London, that Lohan appeared in, has received mixed reviews. According to sources Lohan who was seen at JFK airport on Thursday, is heading to Nice, France, to spend times with friends.

By Jessica Hamel

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Photo of Gavel Courtesy of  Joe Gratz Page- Creative Commons License

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