Samsung Group Is Eyeing an Android Phone-Windows Laptop in One

Samsung Group

Samsung Group is eyeing an Android phone-Windows laptop in one device. It wants to transform phones into laptops. Patently Mobile spotted the South Korean Original Equipment Manufacturer filing a patent application where it described an Android-run handset to be able to switch to Windows when placed into a dock.

The modern tech industry’s direction is a computing experience among phones, tablets and desktops. In 2011, then BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins said, ““I’m not just looking at the smartphone. The smartphone is a stepping stone to mobile computing. In five or seven years we will have a totally different world in how we use these devices.”

Samsung’s patent is a two-in-one electronic item. For example; in an all-new dual OS hybrid device, a Galaxy Note which typically runs Android, could be docked inside a component similar to a shell and a notebook, and it will change to run Windows OS. The smartphone is the brain of the hybrid, and it will run Android when used alone. If it joins the dock, it will switch to Windows and its screen will act as the laptop’s touchpad.

Samsung Group is eyeing an Android Phone-Windows laptop in one hybrid device and this would allow the notebook to access the Web without a mobile Internet key or a Wi-Fi. The notebook can recharge the phone, making it an appealing hardware among people on the go.

Putting a Galaxy phone or Note phablet together, the OEM is creating a tool that could interest the world of enterprise, which is familiar with Office apps and Windows OS. If Microsoft and Samsung collaborate, plus the Mobile-First/ Cloud-First platform integrated into Samsung’s strength in hardware, the product could be a winning device with a new form factor.

When realized, this can be an interesting development. Samsung Group however, is not the first to discover this idea. Docking phones and devices with two OS were in the headlines previously, but they seemed not to work right for now. A patent application like the one filed by Samsung Group is not a guarantee that the OEM will really push through with it.

Asus dropped its hardware of two platforms last year, with the Transformer Book Duet TD300, as the owners of Android and Windows, Google and Microsoft, opposed to the concept. It is interesting that Samsung Group’s patent is eying at both Google’s and Microsoft’s operating systems as well, however; its timing could be good since, Microsoft is promoting the integration of its services to devices running non-Windows platforms.

Nonetheless, the Galaxy mobile device maker goes further with the idea. The device core is a smartphone or a computer tablet, which could run both Android and Windows. Meanwhile; the dock will have a keyboard, big screen, and perhaps a trackpad.

The patent application notes that the controller of the hybrid device determines the operation of the device, for example, putting the phablet in PC state. Furthermore, two OSs may not be Android and Windows, but other platforms.

It is noted that Samsung introduced Ativ Q in 2013; this is a new device, one which could provide the ability to switch from a Windows notebook to an Android tablet. Although getting two platforms in one mobile device is a great innovation, the application is still bizarre. However, that is what the Samsung Group is eyeing. Having been filed in the third quarter last year, this product does not have any timetable yet.

Before the Galaxy S6 was released, SamMobile noted that it would pack Microsoft apps, such as OneNote, Skype and OneDrive. Samsung Group is eyeing an Android Phone-Windows laptop in one and its possible collaboration with Microsoft could mean a great hybrid hardware that would not only be useful for the enterprise, but could also benefit many.

By Judith Aparri

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Photo courtesy of Kārlis Dambrāns’ Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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