FOX Announces 2015-2016 Lineup [Part 1]

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FOX has announced their fall 2015 line-up for prime-time shows. The network will be renewing old favorites and creating potential new ones, as well bringing the axe down on a few series whose time on the channel ended up being less than stellar. The 2015/2016 lineup is as follows:

Renewed Series (Drama)

Empire: This music business centered show won over millions during its first seasons, shattering ratings records week after week with its hard-gripping storyline and stellar acting from main stars Terrence Horward (playing Lucious Lyon, a terminally ill drug dealer turned hip-hop mogul desperately trying to keep his label going after he dies) and Taraji P. Henson (Cookie Lyon, Lucious’s ex-wife who is set out to destroy his new relationship). It will be the show’s second season. The premiere date has yet to be revealed.

Gotham: Ben McKenzie’s first breakout role since teen drama The O.C. won over viewers almost instantly. His role as Detective James Gordon has been referred to as one of the most fitting he has ever been in, if not the most fitting. Critics were concerned that his time on the aforementioned FOX series having been essentially one the only main roles he has ever had ever had would make for a poor performance in a legitimate drama series, but their worries went undeniably unconfirmed. This series will also be launching into its second season. It is not yet known when the new season will air.

Sleepy Hollow: The supernatural drama series which has quickly become a fan favorite will be coming to viewer’s television screens once more in FOX’s 2015-2016 lineup, airing its third season in October.

Renewed Series (Reality)

MasterChef Junior: This spinoff of Gordon Ramsay’s hit cooking show is set to hit its fourth season this Fall or Winter. The premiere date is yet unknown.

Renewed Series (Animation)

Family Guy: Seth MacFarlane’s legendary comedy series has been confirmed as being part of the FOX 2015-2016 lineup. The general tradition in terms of when each new season airs for this show is September (there are some anomalies in this statement, being that the show has premiered three times in alternate months: once in January, once in May, and once in July, although the last instance of this time change was 2005.) Fans have yet to receive a date for the premiere airing date of the next season of this beloved series.

Bob’s Burgers: Dedicated followers of this animated sitcom will be ecstatic to learn that FOX honchos have made the decision to renew the show for a fifth season. Although initially subject to criticism regarding the animation of the show’s characters and dislike for the fact that it was so greatly different from animation icons like The Simpsons and Family Guy, this series has quickly grown on viewers and many are eager to watch the next installment of the series this fall.

The Simpsons: Speaking of the aforementioned infamous comedy, it was recently revealed that the hit FOX animated show has been renewed for an additional two seasons. These impending installments will be the 27th and 28th, with the show having gained the title of longest running television series in history.

By Rebecca Grace

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