FOX Announces 2015-2016 Lineup [Part 3] [Video]


This Fall, many shows will be returning to the FOX 2015-2016 lineup; as such, many have also been canceled and new shows will arrive in replacement. The follow represents the list of new primetime series that have been ordered by the network.

Upcoming Series (Animation)

Bordertown: This is an upcoming animated sitcom oriented for adults, created and executive produced by two huge Family Guy honchos; Mark Hentemann and Seth MacFarlane, respectively. The show’s premise centers around the lives of two families who reside in a Southwest desert town that lies on the border of the United States and Mexico. It will take the place of former FOX animated comedy American Dad, which made the move to TBS at the beginning of last primetime season.

Upcoming Series (Comedy)

Granfathered: The plot of this upcoming sitcom, which is said to air on Tuesday nights, focuses on a restaurant owner who is recently divorced and has just come to know that he has a son. In turn, he also has a granddaughter, as the son had a one-night stand with a woman that resulted in her pregnancy.

The Guide to Surviving Life: Main character Cooper Barrett leads the audience through his life’s journey of trying to keep everything together and actually get somewhere in life, even though things do not always go as planned. He is accompanied by a group of colorful characters that each add to his life in their own negative and positive ways.

The Grinder: This show is an upcoming legal comedy that uses a single camera to follow the life of a TV actor who played a lawyer on-screen (in a show titled the same as the series itself), and then decided to become one in real life upon returning to his hometown at the end of the series’ run. It was added to the FOX 2015-2016 lineup on May 8. The main character is played by veteran actor Rob Lowe.

Scream Queens: A horror-comedy hybrid, this series centers around a college campus that has experienced a string of terrible murders. The first season is said to be focusing on the Kappa sorority.

Upcoming Series (Drama)

The Frankenstein Code: Ordered as a last-minute addition to the FOX Fall 2015 lineup, this science fiction crime drama is based (as the title would suggest) on the story of Frankenstein. It follows a disgraced ex-Sheriff who dies in a robbery but is brought back in the body of a younger man; however, the man cannot seem to escape his demons and his past continues to haunt him despite being given a new start in life.

Rosewood: There is not yet much information on this upcoming series. All that is currently known is that it surrounds a Florida pathologist who is highly in demand with law enforcement.

Lucifer: Loosely based off of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman character, this show follows the main character of the same name as he leaves his kingdom of Hell and aids the LAPD in punishing criminals. It is set to premiere in 2016.

Minority Report: This upcoming show is based on the 2002 science fiction mystery thriller of the same name, starring Tom Cruise. Steven Spielberg will be directing the series.

Whether or not these shows will pan out, or even actually end up hitting the air, has yet to be seen. There are certainly some of them that viewers are in anticipation to watch, while there are also others that the majority feel are just not worth it and will end up being canceled anyway.

By Chanel van der Woodsen


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