Ghost Town in Connecticut for Sale Once More


The ghost town in Johnsonville, Connecticut, that was on sale back in October of 2014, is once more available for purchase.  Although the town successfully sold via auction in time for Halloween, the sale has apparently fallen through. There was never any word on who won the town or what they planned to do with it, but now the ghostly town is once more available to purchase for $2.4 million.

Johnsonville is 62 acres of land, which includes a waterfall, a covered wooden bridge, a stream, a wooden dam, eight structures described as being of historical importance and a history that dates back to the mid-1800’s. This ghostly town is part of East Haddam, Connecticut, in Middlesex County. It was originally a mill village that produced and manufactured the twine that was commonly used to make fishing nets. As the production of fishing nets became easier with technology, the mill village was slowly abandoned.

Once the mill was shut down and the town abandoned, Raymond Schmitt came in and purchased all of the land in an effort to build a Victorian village. In 1972, the original mill, which had been abandoned once the business dried up, was actually struck by lightning and ended up burning down. This still left Schmitt with a number of original buildings, but he made the decision to purchase more. His original plan was to turn the village into a Connecticut tourist destination. Schmitt imported more Victorian-era buildings, in an effort to expand the town so that the destination location could have a richer collection of locations. This destination location in Connecticut never really came to fruition and instead Schmitt hosted weddings and even charity events in his Victorian village.

After Schmitt’s death in the 1990’s, his family ended up selling off the property. This once more left the Connecticut ghost town available for sale. Johnsonville has changed hands a number of times, and has even been purchased to build a resort location. Time and time again, plans have fallen apart and the town has continued to sit vacant.

In October of 2014, the Connecticut ghost town garnered a lot of attention when it was put up for auction by its current owner. The sale was set to end on Halloween Day, and a winner was announced. In April of 2015, word broke that the sale had apparently fallen through and the property was once more available for purchase. This news set off a new wave of interest. In fact, on Twitter there have been a number of users who have even begun putting their money together in an effort to buy this Connecticut ghost town as a joint effort.

The 62 acres that make up Johnsonville have been listed with Figure Eight Properties out of West Hartford, Connecticut. Although the village does not have public sewers or water, there are a number of aspects of the town that are attractive to potential buyers. This includes the fact that the village lies just 30 minutes from Hartford and is approximately two hours from both New York City and Boston. Johnsonville also sits next to The Machimoodus State Park, which is approximately 300 acres of parkland that has been preserved and overlooks the Connecticut River and the Salmon River.

With the Connecticut ghost town once more being available for sale, people again have a chance to own their very own piece of haunted history. No matter who ends up purchasing the town, it comes with a very storied history that range from a successful and thriving mill village, to a Victorian destination. The town has even been used as a location for filming. Either way, this ghost town in Connecticut is waiting for its next incantation.

By Kimberley Spinney


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Photo Courtesy of Rick Harris’ Flickr Page – Creative Commons

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