Coffee Can Keep Men Up

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Coffee keeps one up at night. That is common knowledge. However, a new study shows that coffee can help keep men up at night – in other ways.

Caffeine is regularly consumed by 85 percent of American adults, but a new study connects consumption of caffeine – in as little as two cups of coffee daily – with a reduction in erectile dysfunction (ED) for many men. The new research, which was just published in PLOS One, showed that caffeinated coffee helped reduce ED. Men who drank two cups of coffee a day (with about 88 to 170 mg of caffeine) were 42 percent less likely to have ED than those who did not imbibe caffeinated drinks at all or rarely did. The jolt from the caffeine was less, however, for those who drank about twice the amount (the equivalent of four to seven cups of caffeinated coffee) daily were only 39 percent less likely to experience ED.

The research was conducted at the University of Texas Health Science Center, which is in Houston. The team there analyzed data on caffeine consumption along with medical information, weight, ED experience and other information that was gathered from more than 3,700 men over age 20 who participated in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). The survey, included ED in its health topics men were questioned about and it collected information on the food and drinks they consumed. The Texas team analyzing the data for this study looked for relationships between caffeine intake amounts and other details about the men’s health.

While regular coffee consumption was one of the most common sources of caffeine intake, the data did include caffeine from other sources. Nearly 60 percent consumed some soft drinks with caffeine, 21 percent drank tea and a little more than 3 percent imbibed energy and sport drinks.

Of the men whose information was reviewed, more than half had been diagnosed with high blood pressure, 41 percent were overweight and 12.4 percent were diabetic. There is a high correlation between men being overweight, obese and/or being diabetic and having ED problems. Almost 35 percent of the men surveyed were smokers when the NHANES was conducted. About 65 percent claimed to engage in vigorous physical activity regularly.

Approximately 30 million American men are believed to suffer from ED, according to the National Institutes of Health, which is the inability to get or maintain an erection during sex. While it is widely known that ED incidents increase with age, it is more common in younger men who are overweight, have hypertension or are diabetic.

The researchers believe that caffeine helps improve ED because it can relax arteries and increase blood flow. ED ensues from restricted blood flow to the penis, and thus ED ensues. So, it makes sense that caffeine could help. There are other factors that affect ED, however, so further research is needed. But, for men looking for a possible solution, this study showing that coffee and other caffeinated drinks can help alleviate ED and enable men to keep it up offers good news.

By Dyanne Weiss

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