Google I/O 2015 Highlights May Have Android M, Android Pay, VR and More


Google will once more meet its developers in the I/O 2015 conference and people expect that the convention highlights may have Android M, Android Pay, VR, a new wearable and more. In San Francisco, CA’s Moscone Center West, May 28 and 29, Google is expected to unveil a lot of fresh things with the developers, while the fans and Android faithfuls will stay glued to their screens.

Google will likely debut this year’s Android variant, Android M. The tech world was surprised in 2014 when the search titan revealed Android L unexpectedly, which came with some big changes. It is expected that Android M will bring along official fingerprint and multi-window support.

While many devices are with biometric scanners already, the Internet search firm needs to implement an Android standard to put everything in place. The multi-window feature is not something Google loves as how the tech industry sees it, but with iPad already planning to implement it, the search titan may also yield.

The Android ecosystem already has Android Pay but this feature needs a separate treatment, says SlashGear, to contend with Apple Pay. This is not just a Google Wallet rehash, and the majority are curious what is this “more than Near Field Communication” of Android Pay is about, and how the company applies the Softcard it acquired early this year.

Google I/O 2015 highlights may have Android M, Android Pay, VR and more, such as the wearables. In the wearables section, I/O 2015 is expected to concentrate more on personal security and fitness. A session in the conference that will cover the development of apps for wearables, the description has Wear platform as the focus.

While Google Glass has not gone to its expected success in the wearables department yet, the Android owner plans to introduce a wearable that would come from its own Advanced Technologies and Products. An Android Wear on iOS is said to be ripe enough to make its way to I/O this week. It seems everything is already fine in the basic relationship between an iOS device and an Android smartwatch.

The Mountain View firm may also enter into the Internet of Things, as it is aiming on devices found inside the house, after its ventures on mobile devices, TVs and cars. In Rumorland, “Brillo,” the platform for homes, is now being developed to fit into smaller computers to power appliances. Brillo is also based on Android. Being in collaboration with Nest, it will not be the company’s first time to set its foot on IoT.

Last year, the search titan acquired Skybox for $500 million, and it will have its time in a session called “The Earth in real-time.” The Mountain View company, which delivered satellite images of world, as well as its roads and mountains, is set to transform its cartography to real-time and will tell the public the details through the session. It will use Skybox to take further steps in satellite imaging, a new way to help people use space data to solve Earth’s problems, goes the description.

The Android maker is set to explore the future of virtual reality with the developers in a 30-minute session “Make Believe.” The session’s description says that after exploring VR and how it can change lives, they learn how it works and how to design it. Katie Goode, VR game developer will also share information.

VR first generation units were offered mostly via headsets which rely on video game consoles and computer. This sector is expected to move to mobile. The Mountain View giant is set to leverage this market.

Google I/O 2015 highlights may have Android M, Android Pay, VR and more, but not Google Glass, as the search company said it already graduated. The Android owner already partnered with Intel to boost the power of its Glass, but there is less possibility it will be part of the conference agenda this year.

By Judith Aparri

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Photo courtesy of Jurriaan Persyn’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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