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Gotham Season Finale Brings Returns and Answers [Video]



With an average of over ten million DVR and TV weekly viewers, Gotham has proven to be a solid hit in the Monday night lineup. For fans of the drama, tonight is going to be a good night. No spoilers here, but as the season finale of Gotham approaches, expect to see many questions answered and some special returns tonight. Fans can even enjoy a cliffhanger teaser from Gotham’s executive producer, Bruno Heller.

First, the return of supervillainess Fish Mooney is on the docket, played capably by Jada Pinkett-Smith. Fish has plans on rising to the very top of Gotham’s criminal food chain and has assembled a crew of minions to help see that is the case. See the video below for more a little piece of Fish from tonight’s episode.

Expect to see Bruce Wayne, played by David Mazouz, looking for answers to some questions in Gotham’s season finale. A tip-off from Luscious Fox, last week leads to Bruce hunting some ghosts, but not like Bill Murray in Ghostbusters. More like family secrets and skeletons in the closet that may affect him both now and in the future. Looking for answers to questions that have eluded him, Bruce learns more than he ever expected about his family ties, and it may take his character to new places in the future.

Gotham’s question-dropping underworld criminal is also going to gain more answers than questions to his future. With a first homicide under his belt, performed under the auspice of Kristen Kringle, Edward Nygma’s character develops into its final iteration in tonight’s episode.

While the Joker has been one of Gotham’s main villainous characters, the season finale tonight will provide many answers, but maybe a hint of the return of The Joker. Heller has no problem saying his character will see plenty of development and airtime in season two.

Gotham has been a hit with audiences even before it hit the air. An iconic character, with an impressive cast and an excellent ad promotion, led to great anticipation for the first episode last fall. Over 14 million viewers caught the season premiere of Gotham on FOX last fall, on either TV or DVR. It has been one of Monday night’s biggest stars, and tonight should be no exception, as producers look to send off season one with a bang. There will be quite a showdown towards the end; this will be featuring Fish, Penguin, Falcone and Maroni, and someone will not make it out alive. Who will it be?

What can be expected from the ending itself? Here is Gotham’s Bruno Heller telling Entertainment Weekly what the thought process was behind tonight’s ending scene:

“With this one especially, the challenge is that there’re so many great things to reveal and stories to hit the high point on. It’s about which one you leave the audience with rather than how to leave the audience. In this case, there’s a very iconic moment,” said Heller.

This should get viewers ready for a dramatic ending to this high-powered FOX series. The season finale of Gotham will provide the answers to these questions and many more, for new, and returning fans tonight at 8PM ET.

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