Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 May Be On Its Way

Grey's Anatomy

Despite not getting an official pick-up, a 12th season of Grey’s Anatomy may be on its way. A number of big decisions have been made for the show, despite many fans saying they will stop watching after the shock death of Derek Shepherd two weeks ago. ABC is still to announce whether the show will get another season.

Most of the main actors are signed on for another year, but that does not necessarily mean they will all stay. Patrick Dempsey had signed on for seasons 11 and 12, and executive producer Shonda Rhimes found a way out of the contract.

Many have questioned whether the show can go on. It will likely all depend on the viewing numbers over the next few weeks. Viewers threatened to boycott after the deaths of Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan, but that did not affect Grey’s Anatomy in the end. Enough people still tuned in week after week to bring a 10th and 11th season of the show.

If the show is picked up for another season, there will be a change at the top. Debbie Allen, best known for her role as Catherine Avery on Grey’s Anatomy, will take an executive producer position. She will also be a director for the show, suggesting that things could change for the fan’s benefit. Allen has already directed a seven episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, as well as various episodes of Rhimes’ other shows.

This is a big hint that Grey’s Anatomy season 12 is on its way. Another sign is the introduction of a new intern. The newer interns have not had such a warm welcome from the fans of the show, but there is hope that this new one will change things. Giacomo Gianniotti has possibly landed a recurring role as an intern in Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Gianniotti is best known for his role on Reign during season one. He played the con-artist Remy who pretended to be Lord Julien. Lady Lola found out about the truth and helped him fake his death so he could get away and she would not be the disgraced mistress of King Francis.

So far, the actor’s role details have not been shared. It is possible that nothing will be shared in detail until ABC officially confirm that the show will get a 12th season. This latter point is just considered a formality at the moment, and most expect it to be picked up.

ABC has already confirmed a number of cancellations, including Revenge and Selfie. It has not confirmed all its shows that it is keeping on at the moment. How to Get Away With Murder and Once Upon a Time are both expected to get renewals, even though they have not been officially confirmed, yet.

ABC tends to have a habit of waiting until the last minute to announce show renewals. If a long-running show remains still fairly popular, there are high chances that it will be kept. That means Grey’s Anatomy season 12 is expected to be on its way.

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