Grey’s Anatomy: She’s Leaving Home Part 2 [Recap/Review]

Grey's Anatomy

With the first part of Grey’s Anatomy’s two-hour special She’s Leaving Home being so disappointed and stagnated, the second half was hoped to be better. It all started with April’s refusal to come home at first, and her admittance to Jackson why she does not want to be there. In the end, the two do get a happy moment. It foreshadows that the two have a lot to work on in their marriage, though.

Amelia is the one that most people are worried about in the hospital, and many Grey’s Anatomy fans wondered about. After the death of her father, boyfriend and son, it was clear she would not take the death of Derek that well. Richard comments that she has not been to an addiction meeting for a while, and it is clear that she is close to relapsing.

Owen saves the day and her sanity by showing up on her porch. She admits that she has Oxycontin and she wants to ruin the 1,321 days of sobriety that she has managed. After breaking down about it, she sarcastically thanks the universe for taking every man she loved away from her. Maybe that has been why she has not moved things on with Owen; she is afraid of losing him, too.

One thing that Owen has always been good at on Grey’s Anatomy is offering advice and helping others. He can take all his own problems and situations—everything that helped him—and use it to aid others. That is just what he does with Amelia. He helps her realize that feeling the pain and grief is normal. This is not something she should just be managing. Amelia finally moves on in the stages of grief, finally admitting that Derek is dead and he is not coming back. It is a beautiful moment between the two of them, and something that was needed for the episode. It just was not enough to satisfy Grey’s Anatomy fans.

Fans of Grey’s Anatomy wanted to know where Meredith was in She’s Leaving Home, and when she would return. It turned out that Meredith fell pregnant during her last moments with Derek. It seems a little obvious and more like a miracle that would not usually happen for the storyline. Considering how difficult it was for them to have Bailey, it was too easy to fall pregnant the second time. However, it happened and there is nothing that can change that.

Zola was put in a similar position to a young Meredith. Meredith started bleeding on the floor, and Zola had to be the one to call paramedics. Luckily, this time it was not because her mom decided to commit suicide, but that is not something Zola is going to forget any time soon.

Meredith gives birth to a baby girl, who she names Ellis. At least she was not alone in this moment of Grey’s Anatomy. Alex was there with her, and remained with her for her homecoming.

Before that could happen, there were moments between Bailey and Ben and then between Richard and Catherine. Finally, Catherine proposed to Richard and the two are now engaged.

It really left just five minutes for Meredith to return home with three children and Alex. As Alex put the children to bed, Meredith looked around at all the memories in her house. There are many memories and ghosts around—the little things that many would usually not think twice about unless they lost the person close to them. This was the one moment that really brought it all full-circle and really gave Grey’s Anatomy fans chance to say goodbye to Derek, although it was not that long. In the end, She’s Leaving Home failed to be the big send-off that Grey’s Anatomy fans wanted for Derek Shepherd.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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