Hitler: The 70th Anniversary of His Death


Britannia reports that April 30th, 2015 was the 70th anniversary of the deaths of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. Braun met Hitler through Heinrich Hoffmann who was Hitler’s personal photographer. Braun worked at one of Hoffmann’s photo shops and met Hitler when she was only 17-years-old. He was 23 years older than her when they met in 1929.

The couple married sixteen years later and they died together in Berlin. Adolf Hitler killed himself by a gunshot to the head and his wife Eva committed suicide by taking cyanide. The pair had only been married for less than two days. In recent years some interesting facts about Hitler’s final hours have come to light. Erna Flegel’s account from inside the Fuhrer bunker came out about ten or so years ago. She was a nurse assigned to the Reich Chancellery in 1943. She was a devoted Nazi and kept records of the dictator’s final hours and those who gathered near him.

DNews said that Flegel mentioned how weak he was after an attempt had been made on his life. He also had difficulty walking around and seemed to shake a lot. His wife spent most of her final days in bed and appeared to be in a depressed state the article continued. Hitler supposedly ate a last meal of spaghetti according to Flegel while the remaining people of Berlin were going hungry.

After a discussion with his longtime physician he shot himself in the head and reports said that he had even placed a cyanide capsule in his mouth prior to shooting himself. His wife killed herself with a cyanide capsule as well aafter witnessing what her new husband had done. DNews also reported that Hitler even tried out the poisoning on his beloved dog to be sure that it would work.When the dog caretaker saw what he had done he shot the dog and her puppies to spare them additional pain. Braun was said to have wanted to die at the same time as her husband and was fearful of going any other way. She also reportedly refused to shoot herself in that she did not want to destroy her face and wanted to look her best in death. This is why she wished to take the cyanide which ended up distorting her face anyway.

Hitler wanted his remains to be doused in petrol and set on fire in the Reich Chancellery garden and he got his wish. Germany officially surrendered on May 7th and Hitler’s dream like him went up in flames. The Guardian UK said that there have been rumors of opening up the Fuhrer bunker to the public but many fear that this would glorify him so the plans are consistently stalled.

The Guardian UK said that his death much like his birth is generally overlooked because of all that Hitler did and what he stood for, but the 70th anniversary of his death has brought about new information from his final hours. The anniversary also marks a time period in history that no one should ever forget. There has been a huge divide especially in recent years between those who want to acknowledge the past and what it represents and those who want to avoid it because of its shameful nature. Either way the 70th anniversary reminds everyone of a time period in history that affected a great many people and the memories of that time and the impact that it had will go on indefinitely.

By Heather Granruth


The Guardian UK



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