John Kasich in Prime Position in Ohio


John Kasich has already pitched that to win the presidential race you need to win Ohio of which he is in a prime position to do just that. Kasich has been the 69th governor of Ohio since January 10, 2011, an area that has been identified as a big swing state. Kasich’s presidential nomination is still up in the air though as he rallies to raise enough funds to rival more than one dozen other people vying for the Republican nomination, according to media reports.

The Ohio governor is no stranger to potential bids to become the next President of the United States as he considered running for the position in 2000 before bowing out. This time around he sees election funds as the major issue that may stop him again of achieving his dream. Kasich is currently determining whether or not he does have enough funds to proceed and once this is completed he is expected to make an announcement. He has reportedly said he is “confident” and “optimistic” that he does have a sufficient budget moving forward.

If Kasich proceeds with his bid to enter the White House, it is his experience in public service that he will use as a campaigning measure, particularly the fact he is in the box seat as governor of Ohio, the ultimate state in presidential politics because of its 18 critical electoral votes. The 62-year-old, who was re-elected in November as governor of Ohio, also served as a former chairman of the budget committee in the House of Representatives. A Congress member for 18 years, he believed this experience would be a major consideration point for Republican Party voters. He was also a member of the House Armed Services Committee, providing him with extensive experience in national security. However, some people have questioned whether Kasich is conservative enough to win the vote of the Republicans.

He believed though that his past successes have proven that he has what it takes to lead United States after the next election. Kasich has pointed to his ability to balance the federal budget, the fact he was responsible for turning around an $8 billion deficit in the state to a surplus of $2 billion, and his involvement in welfare reform.

The experienced politician said work had to occur to improve relations with America’s allies, particularly the Middle East, Central Europe and Europe, as well as between Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill. This would in turn strengthen the ability of the United States to solve problems, he has been quoted as saying. On the issue of same-sex marriages, Kasich said although he believed marriage is between a man and a woman, if this was changed in the Supreme Court, this new definition of marriage would need to be respected. On the immigration issue, he would prefer not to have a path to citizenship, but he is at least willing to contemplate the move if need be. This notion demonstrates Kasich’s experience in politics and his desire to win the presidential election, and as governor of Ohio, he already has his best foot forward.

By Rebecca Brown


Daily Caller


The Christian Science Monitor

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