Houston Rockets Bring It Back; Finals in Their Future?

Houston Rockets

As the Houston Rockets brought back their game for a win in Game 4, fans are wondering and hoping that it will mean finals will be in their future. In order to not be eliminated after the fifth game, the Rockets must win Game 5. As it looks like the Warriors are the team going to finals, to play against the Cleveland Cavaliers who came out of the Playoff Games with a sweep, the odds are against them. So can the Houston Rockets bring it back from their losses and advance to the finals?

With a 128-115 win in the fourth game of the Playoff games against the Golden State Houston RocketsWarriors, the Rockets showed fans that they were angry about losing, and effectively brought out a win to get them back on track. However, now they must continue to win if they hope to make it to the finals. As they effectively kept the Warriors from making a sweep, like the Cavaliers did against the Atlanta Hawks, tonight’s Game 5, featured on ESPN will tell if the Houston Rockets are successful at continuing to bring it back, and put the finals in their future.

With the finals in their future, the Houston Rockets will have to go up against the Cleveland Cavaliers, whose sweep against the Atlanta Hawks will probably mean that the Rockets will not bring back a Championship, unless it so happens that the Rockets are angry enough to really pull out their A-game. As the team on the bottom end of things, currently, with three out of four losses, predictions made by sports enthusiasts are finding favor with the Warriors, naturally.

The Rockets have not won a Championship since the 1994-1995 season, following a Championship in the 1993-1994, as well. As they almost lost their center Dwight Howard after a flagrant 1 foul, in which he hit a player in the face with an open hand, the Rockets were almost at an uneven standpoint. However, it was ruled by the NBA that Howard would not be suspended from the fifth game, and would still be able to play. Fans were worried that Howard’s knee injury would possibly keep him from playing parts of the conference games, or would affect his playing skills, though he has managed to play well, even with the injury. The Rockets have not had to sit any players out for extended periods of time, during the Playoff games, as other teams have. With much of their team still out on the court, the Rockets may still have a chance to advance to the finals.

As the Houston Rockets work to bring it back from their losses, their Game 5 win put them in a position to possibly see the finals in their future. As sports fans already know that the Cavaliers will be advancing to the finals, they are now just waiting to see which team, the Rockets or the Warriors, will be able to win and advance to finals. If the Rockets win tonight’s game, they will continue on to play a sixth game on the 29th. If they win that game, another game may be necessary, which is set to be held on the 31st, should the Rockets winning continue. Until then, the pressure is on, as the Rockets must win Game 5 if they want to advance to the finals.

By Crystal Boulware


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