In The Name Of Tai (‘Tai’ means elder) sister

While atrocities in India (now officially known as “Bharat”) against women are on the decrease for over a year now, a few years back a North Bharatiya lady from Punjabi community, settled in Mumbai named Navleen (known as “Tai”…elder sister by one n all) was a Social Activists who stood by the the ‘Adivasis’ (tribals’) massive agricultural land, forcibly being acquired by land mafia and politicians from the out skirts of Mumbai. The so called Govt. regulatory body paid no attention to Navleen’s repeated pleas.

We as Navleen’s friends were proud of her abrave activities doubtlessly !

Navleen’s ardent support came from her journalist husband and her two well mannered kids.
It was Navleen’s husband Mr. Kumar who endeavoured to expose the land mafia and their nexus with ‘ the obnoxious politicians ‘, over the Tribals’ land issue, his voice was unfortunately silenced by “THE UNKNOWNS”(yet!) …..yes he was brutally killed. Some of the friends claim that even the “The concerned publication company ” where Mr. Kumar worked ,was perhaps involved in his brutal murder !!

The sad demise of Mr. Kumar did not prove as a deterrent to Navleen’s activities against the Mafia brigade, so also against the corridor of power…. the uncouth politicians! Navleen, altough had shattered her dreams and was under constant threat, her young teenage children(especially the young Boy) openly supported her cause and accepted the challenge of the corrupt Mafia – Political nexus.

Al though there is an old adage in Bharat which says, “ Law Is Blind , But It Has Long Hands” , but in the case of Navleen ,it proved contrary to this statement. While supporting the Tribes she started failing in her legal battle against the unscrupulous legal system as well !

So she moved her court case, of supporting the down trodden and this weaker section of the community, in a higher court . As the Mafia | Politicians got to know about it, they planned to kill her…………..and one fine early morning the killers entered Navleen’s house and killed her with nineteen knife stabs .

Did this end the era of Navleen ?

I don’t think so.

Navleen’s both the Children (a boy and a Girl) it seems are in hiding, they are grown adults now ….and are in search of the killers. Hope they do not cross the legal threshold and avenge the killing of their beloved mother !!

I for one when heard this sad news ,rushed to Bharat (from London since I was posted there being an Aviator. Am in Aviation for last 38 years , simultaneously as well, am a Film Maker for 23 years with 9 awards to my credit. ) and tried to contact Navleen’s children. I did manage to meet her son but could not console him enough. However when I informed him that I will be making a documentary – drama on Navleen as a tribute to her brave and significant activies, he abruptly left and refused to interact with me there after.

He just vanished !!

I along with my business partner Babiat Dhap (known as Palvie also) from United Kingdom did go ahead and announced a feature film on Navleen !!

And guess what happened ??

As Navleen left for London after the announcement, I was assaulted while I went for my morning walk and was threatened with dire consequences if I proceeded to translate Navleen’s story into celluloid !!

Although this did not affect me and Babita at all to go ahead and produce a full fledge hard hitting realistic feature film in Hindi language (one of the most important languages in Bharat) inspired by Navleen, and titled ” In The Name Of Tai” (‘Tai’ means elder sister, as Navleen was known in the tribal community). The Censor board of India initially took a lot of objections ( was it due to the pressure from the Govt. and/or by Mafia and it’s political nexus ??) ; for Navleen’s case was sub -judice ; and decided to ban the film (as we heard during the interval session of censor board screening)…we also decided to contest the censor’s decision in the court of law ; which perhaps made the ‘ kittens of the Bharat’s Censor Board ‘ to open their eyes ; and the film was passed under UA certification.

As the film is dedicated to Navleen , we propose to go for International Screening in different countries and ensure there is awakening in the communities world over and if we are able to garner support for this cause, we would like to raise finances thru the event of screening the aforesaid film(subtitled) world over, and to form an International Trust ‘” In The Name Of Navleen (Tai) ” ….. any takers ???

By Ujjwal (Bob) V. Thengdi

Founder & CEO Aviation Business & Svs.Pvt.Ltd., Founder & 9 prestigious award winning Producr Director : Oum Films |offbeat.images|CEO : UB Home Owner|National President ” Narendra Modi Vichar Manch ” Art, Sports & Cultural Wing.

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