India Heatwave Proof of Global Warming or Apocalyptic End of the World?

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The recent heatwave in India has so far killed at least 600 people, and as the heat does not seem to be easing up any, authorities are expecting that number to rise. Many are using the India heatwave as just another example of proof for theories like global warming or the apocalypse (end of the world). Though the rise in heat could be a cause of many different things, it is clear that it is not normal, and as it continues to cause heat stroke in hundreds of India’s residents, many across the globe are growing extremely concerned.

Of course by now, with so much hype going on about it over the years, nearly everyone is aware of the theories of global warming. The greenhouse gases that are released into the IndiaEarth’s atmosphere supposedly reduce the Ozone layer that protects the Earth from the sun and over time the world gets hotter, the weather gets crazier, and the climate changes. Theories about global warming show belief that the world will start experiencing stronger, more frequent storms and hotter weather in most places. Some of this theory does not necessarily make sense to some, but with the problems seen in the world recently, scientists certainly have examples that they can use as proof.

The heat in India reached 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Residents were warned to stay inside and drink much fluid. However, regardless of warnings and precautions, many across cities in India still perished from heat stroke. The deaths come in groups, leading to hundreds as a collective, in states such as Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and others. In combination with the violent tornadoes, massive flooding, dying off of birds from supposed avian cholera, and other climate and environmental events going on many believe that the heatwave in India is just another example that global warming is severely affecting the planet. However, others believe that global warming has nothing to do with it.

Preachers and religious enthusiasts are calling India’s heatwave just another example of an apocalyptic doom. Those who are religious do not believe that the heatwave in India is proof of global warming but rather the end of the world as told in the Bible, labeled the apocalypse. However, in this light the heatwave that has killed hundreds of residents in India is hardly the biggest event that has happened. In fact, many events have taken place that religious enthusiasts say are events on a timeline that leads to the end of the world, and India’s hot weather is just another example.

IndiaRecently, many events have taken place that have put the fear in many who claim that the end of the world is near. Since 2012, people have been claiming to hear noises coming from the sky, which sound like trumpets or horns. NASA recently brought this to the attention of nearly everyone, as they worked to explain the noises, after two years of supposed occurrence. Then their were the birds that fell from the sky, which people believed was a sign from God. Scientists stated that the 2000 birds that rained down on Earth all had something call avian cholera, a disease which killed the massive amount of snow geese during their migration. It then also killed bald eagles who fed on the carcasses and later died. The wars in the Middle East also sparked some conspiracy, claiming that the wars resemble the Bible’s telling of the destruction of Damascus. Now with the crazy weather following, as Indiatornadoes ravage the South, including a recent one in Mexico which was the strongest one that the country has had, flooding wipes out parts of Texas, Oklahoma, and other regions, and the heat rises like in the India heatwave, the end of the world in apocalyptic doom rumors are spreading.

So does the heatwave in India prove global warming or an apocalyptic end of the world? Combined with all of the other strange things that are taking place in the world right now, it is easy to see where one would believe such. However, if none of the other things were going on in the world, people probably would not think too much of the heatwave in India, other than the fact that it is unfortunate that it caused so many deaths. Whether the heatwave in India proves global warming, the apocalypse, or nothing at all, just depends on what a person believes.

By Crystal Boulware


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